Donald Trump won big last night. But the path to victory, our victory, has only just begun. For those of us on the alt-right, a Trump victory has never been an end in itself, but merely the beginning of a cultural and political counter-attack. And it’s working like a dream.

Michael Brendan Dougherty over at The Week implores his readers not to vote for Trump, even if they want to see “the system” implode, because Trump is a fraud. Well, so what? Even if Trump gets elected and he doesn’t implement any meaningful changes, he has already changed the conversation. Questions about immigration, nationhood, and Europe have moved sharply rightwards in a way none of us on the alt-right could have predicted over a year ago.

Over at Conservatism, Inc., the now-morose mandarins over at National Review, The Weekly Standard and whatever Erik Erikson is calling his website these days are having a meltdown. Their ideological ground is being pulled from underneath them, and they know it. Now is the time for us to seize the initiative.

Their movement has never been about anything more than securing an existence for their pundits and a future for their inanities. Sam Francis had it right when he said:

All it can do is worry over who is and who is not a “real conservative,” which merely means who does and who does not let the self-appointed swamis of the Right do his thinking for him. Depending on the personal strength and success of the particular swamis that lead them, the cults of “movement conservatism” may flourish indefinitely, continue to publish their endless series of unreadable tracts and sermons to their own choirs, and actually meet the payrolls of their staffs, but no one—least of all the swamis in charge—ever expects to gain substantial power or take charge of the rudders of history.

This is almost verbatim as to what is going on in countless beltway “conservative” offices in regards to Donald Trump. He’s a Nazi! A liberal! Or, if you’re Jonah Goldberg, both!

Which brings us to Dougherty’s attack: “He’s a fraud!” Well again, so what?

The conservative movement has been nothing but a fraud from its very founding. It has conserved nothing and purged any original thinker. Today, it exists as nothing more than a b-squad for the managerial elite consensus in America. The most effective way to think about the “movement” today is as a class conduit for lower middle-class lumpen-intelligentsia to LARP as elites, and maybe, someday be quoted by The New York Times.

For those of us interested in actually shaping history (rather than feebly standing athwart it), the conservative movement is itself a fraud. It has failed to conserve the very basic foundation of this country, its historic European majority. It has grown rich while those it claims to speak for have grown poorer and are dying off in ever greater numbers. They want to be “on the right side of history.” Well good, history is where they belong. The future belongs to us!

Will the Donald solve all of our problems? No, but he has opened up space for us to air them. So here’s to us, the new opposition!