Editor’s Note: This post first appeared on Social Matter here.

Trump is Hitler. Trump is a demagogue. Trump is a racist. Trump is a liberal. Trump is a KKK sympathizer. Trump is Charlemagne.

Trump is none of those things. Trump is a flashlight. Trump shines a light on forgotten truths. Trump also reveals the disgusting frauds within our punditocracy and political elite. He does not wash away the sins or clean up the garbage, but he shows you that it exists. He ends up revealing the truth behind people’s motivations, directly or indirectly. Sometimes he does not even have to do anything, and the other side just gives up the charade and reveals their true form or beliefs.

The big one, as I wrote earlier, is revealing the fraud behind the GOPe. This group went from paeans to Antonin Scalia and promising a fight for his seat to openly stating they’d vote for Hillary, allowing her to name Scalia’s replacement. Within the GOP, he has also shined a light on their obsession with Israel. Trump eloquently explained how he would approach the Israeli-Palestinian issue in a neutral manner to show both sides he is offering to be a fair arbiter of the conflict for a true deal. This created accusations of anti-semitism (at the very debate by Sen. Rubio) and apoplectic sputtering from the Israel first crowd. Through their reactions to one statement, he showed that Israel support is a sort of cover from accusations of anti-semitism, and he also revealed that within the GOP, the Israel issue is clearly one-sided. The donors demand it.

Trump’s centrism is portrayed as far-right simply for being in favor of closed borders. This is the moderate Republican candidate the media has suggested the GOP run for years, but they hate him. He reveals the way the media frames things: destroy white nations through immigration, carve up the middle so no one can wrest control from them, and anyone who objects is Hitler. Trump is Romney with just a machismo attitude and willingness to fight. Romney is much slicker packaging. The GOPe will not accept Trump, since he is not their guy. Trump reveals it is all about media control. The conservative media is the kingmaker institution for crowning the nominee. The media at large must never ever be questioned or held to account for their actions.

Trump shines the light on the cabal of AIPAC and pro-Israel donors that meet and organize who to back for the GOP nomination. They openly admit it now, when in 2012 they would’ve called you an anti-semite for even nudging the idea out into the public. That is not the only cabal of wealthy individuals plotting his demise. Technology CEOs like Tim Cook, Larry Page and even Elon Musk met with GOP leaders to create a plan to take him down. They did this on an island. This is straight out of a Tom Clancy novel, but he might reject the island detail as too cliche. No, the Illuminati does not exist, but we’re copying their network and efforts.

Trump’s common sense attitude about Syria, toppling dictators, and Russia has revealed the GOP is in thrall to the military complex donors. This has been a smear from the left that the GOP often denies. Onstage with just Rand Paul as an ally, Trump stood up there to state that it is possible to be strong on defense without picking fights. He has revealed the DC War Party as completely disconnected from reality or the desires of the more isolationist populace. Americans are done with being the world’s policeman. DC is not. Without Trump, it would just be a contest of who can bomb Russia faster. The GOP upper management is truly a bloodthirsty party.

The best confirmation might be the GOP’s role as the Outer Party. The GOP is the Outer Party, and their actions in blocking Trump reveal it. The GOP has repeatedly asked the Inner Party for assistance in destroying the Trump. Examples would include:

  • The inclusion of progressives in the pre-Iowa debate to ask questions. Trump skipped the debate.
  • The NY Times letting it slip that Trump may have off the record statements that were soft on immigration. (NY Times said all clear later)
  • The entire media structure took one neutral response to a question about a follower who had been in the KKK decades ago as a meme blasted for 48 hours that Trump was pro-KKK.
  • GOP is doing their best to kill the guy who may have any crossover appeal with the Big 10 states that are full of disaffected white working class voters that aren’t Bible thumpers.
  • The GOP is also laying groundwork to set up the Inner Party with ammunition to take out its own frontrunner for power. They set up the smears to later be re-deployed by the left if he gets the nomination.
  • Violent protest-riot goons. The Left’s worst foot soldiers of 2015/2016, Black Lives Matter, shut down the Chicago Trump Rally. Classic Marxist whites, BLM, Muslims and Mexicans created a hodgepodge of violence that the Chicago PD had to put down, which was used as a weapon against Trump. Immediately, the other GOP candidates, GOPe, and Twitter-tier pundits sided with the Leftists.

There is a desire for the GOPe to maintain control of the nodes of power on their side. There is no desire for the GOP to win the general at all costs. There is a desire to win using their guys who meet the check list that they provide which is reviewed and approved by the left.

Trump shines a light on the fact that we truly have reached a point where a candidate who implicitly advocates for Whites is considered dangerous and a cause for protest. The protest turned riot in Chicago was over what, exactly? The Left currently has the presidency. What was there to protest but the implied white advocacy of Trump’s stump speeches? The GOP frontrunner was no-platformed in America’s third largest market for the sin of daring to advocate for the middle. Those on the edge have known this anti-White mania is out there, but the protest-riot made it real for millions more.

In a weird way, Trump is like Edward Snowden. Snowden did not reveal much that was not already discussed in other news articles with little fanfare. Snowden just confirmed with real information everything you thought and things provided by anonymous or off the record natsec employees. These things Trump reveals are all things people generally believed or considered plausible. He just confirms them all and in big bold print every single day of the campaign.