“How will we know we’ve won?”

I shrugged. “That’s easy,” I said. “When we get executed for being too leftist.”

Take a step back and look at the world we live in. Just look at the current headlines:

  • A man leaves his wife so he can have a child with his mom.
  • France vows to import more Muslim refugees–as does Iceland.
  • Major businesses are moving out of North Carolina because the state passed a law saying men who crossdress or mutilate their genitals can’t use a ladies’ room.
  • Meanwhile, in Germany, train cars must be segregated by sex because of constant attacks from Muslims.

The Roman Republic was born when the outraged men of the city rose against the last king following his rape of Lucretia. On any given day, each one of us is witness to events that by themselves justify the overthrow of governments or the need for radical social change. (The fact I know who Amy Schumer is, is sufficient reason to unleash Ragnarök.)

But most of us don’t do anything. If we’re really daring, we might post some online critiques, usually under a pen name. A devastatingly small number of us financially support organizations or online media outlets we agree with. But we don’t take to the streets; we don’t hang the traitors from lamposts; we don’t revolt the same way any of our ancestors would.

We’re all culpable, at least in some ways. We all make the choice that today is the day we will not take to the streets, that we’ll bend the knee and police our own dissent. Our job, our physical safety, our families, our reputation (in the eyes of people who hate us) is more important. Unless you’re not paying taxes, living outside the law, or in some form of war against the powers that be, you’ll be objectively helping the System keep going, whatever subversive thoughts you have within your own head. Hence, the radical (even by National Socialist standards) James Mason recommended either total war or dropping out of the System entirely.

There are exceptions. I’ve met a few and been told of far more. Some have faced jail time, some have taken beatings, some have lost jobs or family members. Some of these figures I consider positively heroic and far more courageous than myself. But none could be called politically successful in the sense of building a movement which has actually built power or changed policy. Some have done far more harm than good. Others dropped out, not from the System, but from the Movement after being disillusioned after putting it all on the line and getting nothing in return except criticism. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to follow their path.

But I sympathize. Years ago, at a private gathering of explicit White nationalists, one of the writers I most respect in this movement said he participates not because he expects to win, but because it is what he feels he must do to be true to himself. He drew a parallel to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, who is told he fights because he must, because it his nature and duty, regardless of the outcome.

Heroic and inspiring to be sure. And it’s hard not to relate to it. I despise politics but have devoted my life to it. I participate in the movement because of a primal need to resist, to not give into the demise of my entire race, culture, and civilization.

But politics is the art of the possible and the point of any ideological movement is to build power, change the culture, and hopefully capture (or found) a state.

Politics should not be about personal redemption or spiritual fulfillment. In the end, the point is to actually build the world we want to live in. If the point of activism is just to make yourself feel better or troll the normies for its own sake, it’s really no different from the leftists and their preening on social networking.

So goys, do we mean it? Any of it? Allum Bokhari and Milo Yiannopoulos’s recent article profiling the Alt Right has led to predictable caterwauling from the usual swine. As that is just cheap virtue signaling from NPC’s who don’t have any values or real opinions anyway, we can dismiss it. The real question is about us.

We are told many on the Alt Right aren’t “actually bigots” and, indeed, may be “instinctive libertarians” rather than conservatives. Our main motivation is lulz, not any real political end. And we are told we don’t want to be like those “1488ers,” which isn’t “edifying stuff.” (Speak for yourself).

Bokhari and Yiannopoulos aren’t entirely wrong when they say there are those out there who are “humourless ideologues who have no lives beyond their political crusade, and live for the destruction of the great.” These are the people who are constantly dumping on the efforts of anyone who are trying to get anything going. Few of those involved in the movement haven’t been accused of being a Mossad shill, a fag, a race-mixer, “just in it for the money,” or all of the above. The infighting is continuous and savage. And sadly there are those out there who are involved, at whatever degree, not only because they have nothing else going on but because they are incapable of having anything else going on; such people live for the drama because it makes them feel important.

But who cares? If someone accuses me, Gregory Hood, of being some kind of shill for the merchants, there is no teeth behind it. If anything, I quietly thank them, as it moves the Overton Window, in some small way, to the Right.

And few WN’s are getting anything out of “the movement” in terms that make sense by modern standards. One’s reminded of the outraged Enoch Powell screaming: “Judas was paid; I am making a sacrifice!” when he was accused of being a turncoat. Who profits from involvement in the movement?

Let’s name names. Jared Taylor lost much his business as a result of his work for the cause and has sacrificed untold hundreds of thousands. He gets called a Jewish shill for his trouble. Richard Spencer could easily have been some degenerate Establishment Republican lounging on ski lifts for the rest of his life, living in luxury and maybe even getting elected. Instead, he gets tossed in a Hungarian prison and his own town basically tries to ban him because he dedicates his entire life to securing a future for our people. Peter Brimelow is not only purged from National Review but loses his financial journalism career. Kevin MacDonald has screaming protesters showing up to his classes. Andrew Anglin can barely keep afloat with the constant attacks against his website. Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer has been hounded from his country. Greg Johnson is hounded out of his home by leftist thugs. And there are so many more.

Every single person who has done stuff under their own names has made a sacrifice by participating in the movement. Why the hell would anyone choose this unless they meant it?

The more extreme are sometimes accused of LARPing. Is National Socialism inherently LARPing? Unless one is literally marching around in 1930s uniforms trying to set up a putsch (which even the NSM doesn’t do anymore), I don’t see why.

What makes LARPing “LARPing” is the absence of danger, the suspension of disbelief, the idea that you can always walk away. It’s living your life under the pretense society is organized under the way you would prefer, rather than dealing with the word as it is.

To use the most obvious example, if you give yourself a knightly title and pretend you are in the Teutonic Order, you’re LARPing. But if you’re jousting competitively in Maryland, you’re not LARPing. You’re training, you’re getting concussions, you’re putting it on the line. You’re not a member of some knightly order, but it’s fair to call yourself a tourney fighter. That’s not LARPing. It’s just what you do. And screw anyone who tells you otherwise.

If you throw on a tunic and call yourself Thorolf Skullsplitter even though you’ve never killed anybody and then go to work at the office the next day, yeah, you’re LARPing. But if you are living as a heathen, building organic spirituality that actually has something to say about modern life in Vinland and constantly being hammered by the powers that be for doing it, then that’s just who you are.

If you want to kid yourself that you’re a “Traditionalist Catholic” and that the Church of Francis has anything to do with the Church of Urban II or that putting some Hapsburg in charge is going to save us, yeah, you’re LARPing. But if you’re living as an authentic Catholic, putting your whole life on the altar of sacrifice before what you see as God and His Church, while having no illusions about what the Church is today and what the modern world is, who the hell is anyone else to say you are kidding yourself? I think you are living your belief based on a delusion. But it’s not my call. No martyr of any creed is a LARPer.

The most obvious LARPers in society aren’t white nationalists. They’re the TruConservative or #CruzCrew types sending me pixelated and crappy memes that look like something out of the American Eagle Party, while sending money to Conservative Inc. hacks who laugh at them.

It’s those pretending “the Constitution” means something, that non-Whites are my “fellow Americans,” and that the United States was founded as a “Christian nation,” despite being founded by a bunch of Freemasons.

It’s the useless cowards who have done nothing as their movement leads from failure to failure for decades but now are suddenly ready to fight against Donald Trump because it’s safe and because they have the Beltway Right and the Media Left both on their side. They can bail anytime they want.

In contrast, those who recognize the reality of race, who understand the importance of identity, who see where this is all going, live with the consequences of our beliefs every day. We recognize we aren’t just living at an important time in history, but the most important time in history, when our people will choose to live or die. The more we are willing to sacrifice, the more we are willing to put ourselves out there, the more real this struggle becomes. As all Traditionalists know, Life is most real at the moment of its end, which is why those glorious men of the Spanish Right hurled themselves into battle during the civil war screaming “Vive La Muerte!

Which, of course, brings us to Pepe memes.

Because whatever these high ideals, the Alt Right is undoubtedly characterized by self-awareness and cynical humor. Part of this is simply because the traditional institutions needed for an earnest effort at Restoration simply don’t exist. Who the hell wants to save the Church of Francis, or, even worse, the “conservative movement?” The people who were supposed to safeguard our civilization are helping destroy it. Our elders have betrayed us.

Milo is right when he says part of this is simply rebellion against our elders. But Milo, we’re not just being contrarian–it’s furious despair over the fact that these people who were supposed to safeguard our civilization are handing us a ruin. The wrath, the pain, the black night of the soul—this is all real. I know that feel, bro.

Partially, this is self-protection. One must laugh to keep from crying. Our society is filled with those who self-detonate: the fathers who light themselves on fire because they can’t deal with the family courts; the men who suddenly erupt in violence against their own families after years of passivity; the untold millions self-medicating themselves into oblivion with booze, drugs, porn, and entertainment. This culture is fundamentally sick.

As it almost always is, humor is a shield preventing us from sinking into total despair or sudden violence. In evolutionary terms, our brain is screaming for us to pick up the sword and wade into the enemy. But we know it’s politically counter-productive and won’t do anything. So we retreat into humor, not because we don’t take anything seriously, but because we take it all-too-seriously. If we looked reality in the face, we’d go mad. Who wouldn’t?

Most all, it’s simply a recognition of reality. Of course, there’s an undercurrent of irony when the same people hailing God Emperor Trump and his Jewish daughter are those who demand Jared Taylor “name the Jew.” But really, it’s just a recognition of our position. We are powerless. Even our internal squabbles don’t really matter. Where we have power is in creating a culture of subversion, hollowing out the shibboleths of the modern age. The first generation raised in a culture of hyper-media, self-referential culture, and all-encompassing media could not have manifested our resistance in any other way.

And I find I can only fully trust those who come out of this kind of climate. You can’t renounce that which you never possessed. Some neckbearded virgin telling you not to have premarital sex doesn’t mean anything. Contra Milo, it’s not that we don’t have a problem with multicultural society. It’s that we’ve never known anything else. We actually live in the society generations of leftists worked to build and we know it is garbage. It’s aesthetically ugly, spiritually empty, empirically false, morally meaningless.

I’m not going to start screaming obscenities at a random Black man I encounter. And unless you want to go to jail by starting The Race War the next time you see a White woman dating a Muslim at 7-11, or begin The Purge when two dudes are holding hands in Adams Morgan, you have to deal with it every day. But whatever nice old Black woman or polite Hispanic man you’ve met, you know what multiculturalism leads to.

Exposure doesn’t lead to acceptance; it leads to resistance, even if it doesn’t mean you spend your days attacking or yelling at people. You see the problem. And so it’s those who deepest in the filth who react most strongly against it, the same way the diverse states break for Trump while the whitopias go for Cruz.

How to fight back? Even you’re willing to make a spectacle of yourself, what will it accomplish besides a trip to jail? So most of us take refuge in subversion. Ironically, today, we are the “Culture of Critique.” We are those who hollow up the pillars of the social order. And the contempt I feel for those ironically championing “spreading democracy in the Middle East” or who say “diversity is our strength” must be the same feeling (((leftists))) have when they see a happy White family.

The hard part is determining that which we don’t subject to irony, that which we are willing to hold as sacred. There will be a moment where we have to come forth. There will be a choice where you have to decide what you are willing to fight for and to die for. I have made my choice. Each one of you reading this ultimately has to make that choice for yourself.

I am not a Christian. I don’t know of one traditional institution I think can save us. I have a forthcoming compilation that calls my own country’s existence into question. But for me, the irreducible element is race and the basis of morality is that which furthers the upward development of our people.

In our own lives, we must build tribes, communities, and networks that we can use to support us during this time of occupation. We have to support those people, like Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson and others, who are willing to openly advocate for our cause. And we have to build a world, which, in truth, many of us may feel uncomfortable if it ever comes into being.

Because we are all tainted. I don’t consider myself a degenerate (well, not too much). I try to live with fidelity and honor my oaths. I don’t want my children to know of the filth I have to encounter every time I turn on the television even exists. But just by existing in this society and going along with it every day, I have failed. If the Revolution judges me guilty, it’s right.

What is the Alt Right? We all have our own ideas. But what makes the Alt Right the “alternative” isn’t just acknowledging race, the destructive impact of Jews, Traditionalism, or whatever deity you prefer. You can find traditional conservatives willing to agree with you on all of that. What makes the Alt Right “alternative” is that it has nothing to do with preserving or saving the existing system.

It’s about destroying it. It’s about paving the way for something new. It’s about recognizing that all of this is too sick, and evil, and ugly to survive. And that sacrificing everything, even ourselves, is worth it if it means our children can live in a world where their lives will be something more than passively consuming media churned out by people who despise us.

I don’t take the morality of our society seriously. Who could? I don’t take our politics seriously.

But I would sacrifice all for my people. I know all of you reading this will do the same. And eventually, sooner than we expect, we will be called upon to prove it.