You often hear it: “There are not enough White men to get Donald Trump elected.” And, of course, Donald Trump is not even a White nationalist. He is simply America’s last gasp unification candidate, representing the idea of the country united around its traditional core – proud White Americans – but without excluding other groups.

Those other groups – Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and anti-White Whites (mainly evangelicals and liberals) – are of course unable to fill that core unifying role for two reasons. They are too small or too hateful. Only proud but generous White Americans can serve that role. Yet you keep hearing, “There are not enough White men to get Donald Trump elected.”

There is a strong implication of cuckedness in this statement, as it strongly implies that White women are not with their men, and that they side instead with Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and anti-White Whites.

But what should be remembered is that any political structure that is not built with White men at the centre is doomed. While you can get away with a system that excludes other groups, the one group that cannot be excluded in America is White men. This is why the present US election is so important, because it makes this explicit. Quite simply, the failure to elect anyone else other than Donald Trump will be an unmistakable exclusion of the White American male at the centre of US politics.

Sure, any other candidate who is elected – Hillary, Bernie, or even Paul Ryan if things go as the GOP high command wish – will try to pretend to be representing everyone, but it will soon become apparent that the country is actually run by a ramshackle alliance predicated on the hatred of the White male.

Most importantly, after Trump, the White American male will know this, and, given the fact that Whites are still the majority, he will also be aware that this chicanery was only achieved by politically cucking him, that is, by separating the perceived interests of the White American woman from his.

But this ramshackle alliance will have two major flaws (1) inherent weakness and (2) inefficiency. It will be in constant danger of falling apart and for this reason will lack the ability to run the country effectively, thus increasing the divisive pressures.

How can it clamp down on crime when this impacts on one of the alliance’s key members Blacks? How can it improve border security when this likewise impacts on Hispanics? How can it have an effective foreign policy when Jews will find fault? etc., etc.

In some degree, America has already been living through this mess with dysfunctional crime, porous borders, and a Zionist foreign policy, but there have been limits and the still proud and patriotic American male has been helping to hold things together. But if Trump loses, a switch will be thrown. Things will immediately be different. The White man will have effectively been dethroned and a strong, semi-unified, and efficient America will no longer be a possibility.

We will see growing conflict within America and a weakening of the country’s global footprint. Without White men at the centre, shrill political divisions will open up between the various minority group, including Whites, and search out the constitutional fault lines.

White, Christian, or Conservative states will challenge invasive Federal power; while Black or Hispanic cities will demand more from the centre and act up when they don’t get it. Centripetal efforts at increasing control in reaction to the instability will be met with increasing centrifugal forces pulling everything apart. There will, of course, be economic consequences, which will only reinforce the tendency to chaos.

As America becomes weaker and less able to project strength, its international position will unravel. For decades, we have seen signs of that in Latin America and more recently in Europe, where the EU is enmeshed in chaos, but the keystone is the fragile state of Saudi Arabia the key component in the petrodollar arrangement. There have been growing signs that America no longer knows how to play realpolitik in the Middle East, but after a Trump defeat, the poisons that have until now been lurking in the mud will hatch out.

There might be a few more misuses of the military industrial complex – perhaps a futile attempt to save the Saudi state from its own Salafist fires – but the power of the American military has always been inextricably linked to the hegemony of the proud White American male in US society. It will be a very different creature under a gibsmedat-feminist or hyper-cuckservative late Republican admin.

As things come unwound both at home and abroad, the White man won’t just be sitting back eating popcorn, laughing at the chaos of a world that doesn’t want him anymore. No, he will be directly affected. Instead, he will be cleaning his gun and coming to the conclusion that when you become a minority, then it may be time to give up on democracy.