A movement, like all human social concepts, is (once we strip away our conceited self-centric definitions), an organism, and like any organism, it has its purpose in the larger picture that is life, and once that purpose is achieved (or unattained past its expiration date), the organism must die and make way for something younger, stronger, and more willingly adaptable to face new challenges that an older organism is otherwise too outmoded to challenge.

Conservatism (not conservatism as in traditional values, value of the local and family, etc., but rather the movement beginning with Buckley, that reached its height with Reagan, and manifested itself into all its various forms from neoconservatism to Bible Belt Conservatism to the politics of Pat Buchanan, etc.), as is the case for all organisms at some point, has outlived its usefulness.

I don’t say this with cynical delight. The Conservative movement was born out of a necessity to reorient the freedom loving historic America against Soviet Communism, and, despite its flaws and inefficiencies,did just that. However, now that that battle is over, the Conservative movement, although (mostly) aware of the evils we now must face on the home front (in our living rooms, schools, and very streets),lacks the ammunition to battle the new Leviathan- that of globalist-financed cultural Marxism. Conservatism’s environment has adapted despite it. Therefore, it is only right that it make way for something fresh and young to take its place.

I think it’s a tad too early to say precisely what will take up the mantle, although it’s more than safe to assume it will come from one of the many more moderate strains of the Alt Right.

Thus the question arises: How must we learn from the Conservatives and not make the same mistakes they have?

Although stated, only several paragraphs above, that Conservatism was born out of a necessity to stop the wave of Soviet domino consolidation, it’s worth noting that Conservatism was not responsible for the death of the USSR, but, like a predator who has caught a challenger to his niche fall into its own trap,rather facilitated the death of its old foe- making sure the pain would leave quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Conservatism grew, not as a vital harbinger of a new age, but as the only alternative for Americans disoriented and afraid by the [correctly] perceived degeneracy and self-masochism to their Left.

In other words, Conservatism is, and always was, a safe void just an arm’s length away from the regressive Left. It always has been whatever the Left was not. A following dancer upset with the lead of her partner is still a follower.

Identitarianism (white nationalism, the Alt Right, whatever term ultimately wins out in the end- or the end of the beginning) must not, as it is doing now I am proud to say, be a void always reacting to the Left, like a seismometer to an earthquake. As easy as it may be to lose sight of this trait of ours, we must not forget its significance.

We must not go the way of Conservatism, whose existence is contingent upon the existence of its enemies, making it, in effect, impotent in combat.

As this current year folds over into the next, it is vital that we perpetually grow- to grow where there is space to grow- to make ideological Lebensraum where there is disillusionment and intellectual
emptiness. Very soon it will be necessary for the Alt Right, still in its infancy, to be born into this world, out of our dark basements and into the streets- out in the open. All this will happen soon enough, however when we do take to the streets- that is, in the headlines of the largest news stations and journals- we must know our aims, not just for the immediate future, but after that, and after that, and after that, until we have grown to our greatest capacity. The wisdom to remember is to keep growing.An organism that does not grow is dying. In other words: stay relevant.

In time, many decades to come when the next year after the next year after the next (etc.) is the current year, our movement, only now budding, will die. However, let us hope, or rather “will”; (Enough with
hope. Hope drives men mad.) that when that day comes, it is not by the sword of our enemy, or the weight of failure, but bathing in the ecstasy of victory.

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