Having failed to stop Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination, the “true conservatives” of the Republican Party are making a bold stand, proclaiming they would rather lose then forego their principles. And the most vocal grassroots leader behind this “movement” is… Weekly Standard editor (((Bill Kristol.)))

Kristol says it’s not Trump’s policies that are the issue. It’s his “character.” “It is clear that Donald Trump does not have the character to be president of the United States,” Kristol intones, without elaborating why.

Of course, this is isn’t the first time Kristol has kvetched like this. In 1996, Kristol moaned that Pat Buchanan was an existential threat to the “conservatism” of real Republican leaders like Newt Gingrich. (Back in The Current Year, Gingrich may end up being Trump’s Vice-Presidential pick or Chief of Staff.)

Kristol says he is deeply concerned about having a candidate “who cares about the Constitution, who cares about limited government.” But when Ron Paul was running for president, Kristol said Paul was “not a good guy,” that it would be better for the GOP if Paul left, and that even Paul’s role in the debates was destructive.

Trump’s character has nothing to do with it. Nor can Trump’s supposed heresy from “true conservatism” be taken seriously when Kristol is putting himself up as the arbiter of orthodoxy. Kristol is a self confessed “liberal” on immigration. It was Kristol who lectured conservatives in 2008 on the futility of championing “small government.” It was Kristol who called himself a “squish” on gun control and urged Democrats to push more gun control legislation. The Second Amendment is perhaps the one area where the conservative movement hasn’t proved itself entirely useless over the last half century, but the people who run the Beltway Right don’t believe the paper worshipping pabulum they vomit up to sustain the “grassroots.”

Who are some of the other “true conservative” heroes of today? Paul Ryan is being hailed for resisting Trump, though only weeks ago he shepherded through a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill through the House which fully funded all of President Obama’s programs, including Obama’s unilateral and unconstitutional amnesty. Mitt Romney is leading the effort to create a third party challenger to Trump, even though it was Romney who was the bane of the self proclaimed constitutionalists because his health care program in Massachusetts was the precursor to Obamacare, something Romney has since admitted. We also have a motley collection of self interested “political strategists” and “consultants” like the “pro choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-amnesty” Liz Mair. Another great right wing leader is Mike Murphy, who ran Jeb Bush’s PAC/Guac Bowl Dispensary and signed an amicus curiae brief submitted to the Supreme Court supporting gay marriage. Such are the bold champions of the virtuous, Christian sons of the soil opposing the evil Trump and his #NewYorkValues.

In cynicism, we will find the beginnings of our salvation. Even outlets like HotAir are laughing at Ted Cruz pontificating about the evil of those “responsible for Trump’s rise” when the foremost person on that list is Cruz himself. If you want an easy way to tell who is definitely not in the Alt-Right, start by identifying anyone who takes this “true conservative” gibberish at face value.

As the Alt-Right grows more prominent, there is ever increasing debate about its meaning, purpose, and who is “in” or “out.” The truth is that the Alt-Right is a tactical construction, just like the original conservative movement was a self-contradictory conglomeration hastily slapped together to oppose the Soviet Union. If anything, the Alt- Right is more internally consistent because of the non-negotiable insistence on the reality and significance of race and identity. But the origin of the Alt-Right isn’t ideological but historical. It’s not rooted in some founding text but in the inevitable failure of conservativism and the “movement’s” refusal to learn from it.

As we know from the insanely detailed breakdowns provided by Republican consultants every time another state primary came up, everyone practices identity politics. Everyone knows demography is destiny. Yet the same Republican “strategists” who confidently predict victory or defeat based on the demographic data in each precinct simultaneously lectures us that the wholesale dispossession and replacement of European-Americans will have no ill effects.

Furthermore, they tell us non-whites will be won over to a message of “limited government,” even though polling data tells us non-whites explicitly support and want more “Big Government.” And given how the entire American government is essentially just a giant machine for transferring wealth from Whites to non-whites, they’d be crazy not to want it.

When Texas turns blue as a result of mass immigration, the Republican Party can no longer even rhetorically support limited government and win national elections. Everyone knows this is occurring, the only question is the date. America will still have a multiparty system the same way South Africa has one – an opposition party might win in a certain locality here and there, but there will be no real opposition to the ruling class of the nation. The only question is how best to isolate yourself from your “fellow countrymen.”

But you can’t reconcile this demographic and electoral reality with a theory of “limited government” and “American exceptionalism.” You can’t act to change this future if you have quasi-religious theories about some nonexistent conservative bloc “pulling this country back from the abyss.” And if the #NeverTrump people continue to believe they’ll just do better next time, they’ll find out sooner than they expect there won’t be a “next time.” Conservatives face demographic death. Rather than seeking an answer, they work to destroy those who ask the question.

This obvious, even crude insight is the basis for the Alt-Right because from this realization, all else follows. The Beltway Right, like America itself, is a Corpse God, dying slowly while still demanding worship from its deluded followers. The first principle of politics is not ideology, but identity. Race exists, race matters and race drives social and political behavior. Universalism and multiculturalism are purely monocultural phenomena, as only Whites believe in them. “True conservatives” are either paralyzed by cognitive dissonance or retreat to protective stupidity. And many of those who fund and run the interlocking series of institutions which comprise the conservative movement, especially Jews, are knowingly seeking to divert European-American resistance to their dispossession into tangents and dead ends.

Unless Trump both becomes President and actually reverses (rather than slows) demographic trends, none of this changes. Now dependent on the donations of men like Sheldon Adelson for his general election campaign, Trump would have to show incredible strength of will and cunning to affect anything close to such a policy.

Michael Brendan Dougherty mocks Trump supporters because he thinks the God-Emperor is in it for himself. Does he think we don’t know that? He argues Trump is dangerous to his “fellow countrymen.” Who – our fellow citizens in the ghettos of Baltimore, the barrios of Los Angeles, or, for that matter, the cubicles of the New York newspapers? The real rubes are those who think some variety of “true conservatism” can serve as a real challenge to the existing system.

Trump is a rope over the political abyss. We, as European-Americans, have no stake in the current system. And as a people, we can’t organize effectively for our future until the Beltway Right is in ashes. By revealing “true conservatism” for what it is, Trump’s already done more good than any single figure in living memory. Trump is a wrecking ball to this farce of a movement, this decades-long abomination deliberately conning European-Americans into permanently sacrificing their country and future.

Does that mean #cuckservatism perishes with Trump’s primary victory?

Not yet. Many Beltway institutions have no real stake in a Trump presidency and will work to ensure his defeat. Some smaller conservative pundits will seek to secure market share by campaigning against Trump and then claiming redemption if Trump loses. The fact that Ted Cruz was not nominated will allow many to say that the reason Republicans lost is because a “true conservative” wasn’t at the top of the ticket. Like some communist screaming at you to listen to Bob Avakian, they’ll say it’s not that their ideology has lost, it’s just never been tried.

And of course, even if Trump wins, conservatives will complain he “betrayed” them the next time he signs a federal budget. But conservatism has lost. Many of the issues which have been highlighted as critical to “true conservatism” in order to differentiate it from Trumpism are deeply unpopular, including abolishing the minimum wage, slashing entitlements, expanding free trade agreement, and raising the Social Security retirement age. And as the Christian Right staggers from defeat to defeat, Christian religiosity is falling back on the Constitution and symbols of Americana as the objects of devotion. What’s more, the apocalyptic rhetoric and quasi-religious anger whipped up over political betrayals will only increase as the national situation grows more dire.

Cruz style conservatism appeared increasingly cult-like towards the end of the primary; assuming a Trump defeat in the general election, it’s only going to get more bizarre in the years ahead as the prospects for even nominal conservative victories dwindle. The literal worship of the Constitution as a sacred text is likely to increase as White conservatives struggle to cope with a dispossession they are unable to understand in racial terms. Rather than a political movement, conservatism will end as a Gnostic sect, with an ever-dwindling circle of believers convincing themselves of their own purity and bemoaning the corruption of the fallen world which surrounds them.

A Trump victory meanwhile could render them entirely irrelevant, unless they just co-opt Trump entirely if he succeeds. Young America’s Foundation could be encouraging students to celebrate Trump’s birthday 30 years from now the way they do with Ronald Reagan.

Where does that leave the Alt-Right? A Trump victory opens up the possibility of making nationalist inroads into some institutions, which could grow the movement and bring more resources and media access to our side. And there’s always the possibility, slim but real, that Trump may actually win and act forcefully enough in our interests that entirely new opportunities will arise.

Yet the more likely answer is building real institutions will fall on us. We will seize and exploit each new opportunity as it comes for our own interests. And the end can’t simply be personal prosperity or “American” renewal. The solution is state power in the hands of White Identitarians. The ethnostate isn’t just Sorelian myth, but the only realistic alternative. Absent that seizure of power and a state of our own, we will dissolve into powerless bands in the midst of a hostile nonwhite world.

The movement we need is the product of the utmost cynicism and passionate idealism, self-awareness and utterly selfless devotion. The platitudes of American exceptionalism, the totemistic idols of the conservative movement, and the moral injunctions imposed by a corrupt elite are worthy of scorn and mockery. Subversion, humor, and irony are our weapons as we deconstruct the cultural and political regime imposed on us. Yet we are simultaneously called to a creed of steel, a life of unremitting struggle and heroism to create something worthy of the best within us and the unlimited potential of our people.

“True conservatism” fails on both counts. Cynical and smarmy, utterly corrupt and insufferably sanctimonious, it’s entering its terminal stage as a ludicrous clique devoted to mediocrity. With the likes of Kristol, Ryan and Romney held up as supposed exemplars, it’s impossible to take seriously even by its own logic. Let’s put these cucks out of their misery. Conservatism is ending as a cult, we’re building a new faith.