Paradox Interactive, a Swedish gaming company, best known for their multiplicity of complex strategy games has recently fired a blow in what can only be referred to as the latest in the #Gamergate saga.

Known for such titles as Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Victoria, and Hearts of Iron, Paradox has mostly been known for visiting eras of European(or more accurately, European-dominated) history. In addition to this Paradox is known for the intense “mod”ability of its games. Which is where gamers can change different aspects of the games from playable factions to victory conditions and more.

This sort of “mod”ability extended to every part of the game right on down to how “factions” within games looked and acted. This was never a problem, until the release of Paradox’s latest space-based game Stellaris.

Stellaris takes placed in the far flung future, but it seems to ever be the current year for its creators. That’s because a creator of a “mod” for Stellaris has been deemed guilty of violating the God that is Diversity by creating a mod that makes all factions White in a game. This is, of course, a cardinal sin in our enlightened era.

The creator of the mod, “ProgenyOfEurope”(PoE) had his mod removed as well as has been reprimanded by Paradox COO Susanna Meza Graham on Twitter, who just recited the diversity catechism the company signed off on.

Radix reached out to the creator of the mod and unsurprisingly he’s a bit upset over what’s happened.

PoE said that “really just made the mod for myself, I figured I would share it in case others were interested or kind of felt the same way that I did. I was pretty surprised so many people were subscribed and downloaded it.

However, he later said that SJWing in the universes of the game probably played a part in peoples’ interest For instance:

“I made my Empire with a White guy as the leader… aaaannd then my heir was a black woman. Considering they made (Crusader Kings)CK2 and other great games – this was a pretty stupid thing to overlook (not having ‘families’ or heirs of a monarchy/empire look the same). I looked around and there weren’t any fixes and there weren’t any mods that made everyone just White (or any other race for that matter)…I get enough multiculturalism in the every day life, I kind of was sick of it being forced on me now (without any option at all of avoiding it).

In addition to this, major gaming outlets reported on the situation never questioning the developer’s story or any of the facts in the situation.

Major gaming blog Kotaku only issued this caustic statement:

Stellaris, a grand strategy game set in space, has characters who come in a variety of species and races. Naturally, someone made a mod to turn all the humans White.

That being said, Paradox reacted in a way that was outsized for a “mod”der of one of its games. It encouraged gaming market-aggregator Steam to “shadow ban” the mod’s creator all the while merely reciting its “policy” to any who questioned its actions.

It claimed that the creator had made a political statement in favor of “discriminatory” policies.

PoE had this to say on that account:

First off, they never contacted me. Secondly, they outright lied about me – I never changed the mod description to make it ‘more political’, I only added a disclaimer about the mod saying it was out of date (but still functional). Third, it was a shadow ban. I was only notified from Steam saying that it was against Steam’s terms of service (I put my appeal to them). Steam ignored my appeal and I only found out a day or so later that it was actually Paradox who banned it (and they made a public statement about it) and that all the major game media covered it (and never bothered to have me clarify their lies). Fourth, another lie or rather excuse for the ban, was I didn’t moderate the comment sections — even though it is on Steam and I never agreed to any paradox officials about it.

This is part and parcel of the wider cultural wars raging throughout the “gaming” subculture. A war in which White males or indeed any trace of “Whiteness” is the first casualty, however tenuous the connection.

It’s important to point out these instances because while many(if not most) gamers and others might be interested in Cultural Marxism, it’s sure interested in them!