The Libertarian Party is convening this weekend to nominate its 2016 Presidential slate. An unusual amount of press has been lavished on the party by multiple sources, mainly because of the party’s chances to play a spoiler role for Donald Trump and attract the disgruntled #NeverTrump commentariat.

The hopes for this strategy lay on two men, former Republican governors in fact; Gary Johnson and William Weld. There have even been rumors that the Kochtopus itself, long dormant in LP politics, will offer aid to a Johnson/Weld ticket in an attempt to derail the Trump train.

On its face, this entire situation is laughable. The once proud poohbahs of Conservatism inc. turning to a party they’ve in the past laughed at as a vessel for maintaining their control over the Right.

Libertarianism, as has been argued before, became something of a mask for implicitly White interests.

At its noblest, its aims were to defund the managerial state and allow for civil society to grow and prosper no matter what the consequences. After all, discrimination does mean freedom, at least to a certain type of libertarian ideologue.

But at its most craven, libertarianism has become a rootless ideology devoted to principles beyond people and a devotion to ideological (L)iberal hegemony. In that way, especially in its beltway forms, it has become a totalizing way of viewing the world. Truly “cosmopolitan” in its reach, allowing for no dissent from the gods of merchant and mammon.

Be this as it may, the sad moment in this weekend’s Libertarian Party debates is not that some Galt’s Gulch will never be founded, but the passing of White America in what can only be described as a bizarre and Quixotic race into the sunset.

Gary Johnson and William Weld represent two of America’s classic archetypes: The self-made businessman and the Boston Brahmin.

Johnson was an entrepreneur who grew a company from his college years into a multi-million dollar endeavour before entering politics. Indeed, he is also an avid outdoorsman having climbed to the summits of K2 and Mount Everest. The consummate vision of White America west of the Mississippi.

Weld, born to privilege once quipped to “Whitey” Bulger’s brother William, who made a joke about Weld’s family arriving on the Mayflower, that “Actually, they weren’t on the Mayflower. They sent the servants over first to get the cottage ready”. Born to privilege and educated at Harvard and Oxford, one would be hard-pressed to find a WASPier representative of his class.

East coast and West Coast united under one banner.

A banner that leads to nowhere.

The truth is, that unless the historic American nation is preserved the Classic American types represented by the above men will die. There is already a new sort of caste system being built in the hollowed out husks of America and Western Europe.

In many ways, it is starting to look more like Brazil(or is that Texas?) than Old America.

Johnson and Weld may both really believe they are fighting for some ideal. Liberty, economic growth, whatever. None of it matters if the people who shaped those institutions are gone.

In this respect, Johnson and Weld have come to resemble last men of a particularly American type.

If you go to Orlando today, along “International Drive”, you’ll see where the American dream went to die. A dystopian landscape of chain restaurants and trinket shops interspersed with a zombified populace that shambles from one attraction to the next, pretending they’re in “the happiest place on Earth”.

Maybe it’s fitting then that the Libertarian Party nominate its last men there.

For the rest of us, the long road to preserving our people and rediscovering our identity continues.