Throughout the West, the “escape zones” from racial diversity are dwindling in number. Those that retain their original European character face many foes. Unfortunately, most of those foes aren’t as transparent in their bloodsucking as the Rougely family and their self-appointed Black Power spokesmen.

Live Oak Classical School is a fine private school in Waco, Texas. It calls itself Christian, but like most “Christian” institutions, it more closely follows the Church of Be Nice and Don’t Judge, in which Jesus is demoted from Divine Judge to mascot. Academically rigorous yet holistic, Live Oak has become a refuge for upper-middle-class Whites who are fleeing Waco Independent School District, which is only 10.5% White.

The girl's injuries which according to the school were caused by an accident on a rope swing.

The girl’s injuries which according to the school were caused by an accident on a rope swing.

Just as Waco, Texas was blowing up yet again over a mostly Black-perpetrated sexual assault scandal at Baylor, a 12-year-old black student at Live Oak suffered a rope burn on her neck during a field trip seemingly from an accident. She was treated by staff and her mother, Sandy Rougely, was notified a couple days later. The student completed the field trip without further incident.

Although the incident occurred back in April, the rent-seeking didn’t begin in earnest until mid-May, just as the local paper was re-printing 100-year old lynching photos of convicted interracial murderer Jesse Washington. As with the police-involved shooting at the Waco Twin Peaks in 2015, the lying press is again sending the local Churchian imagination in the wrong direction.

The Rougely family retained Dallas lawyer Levi McCathern, who threatened to publicly accuse Live Oak students of perpetrating a racist attack if the school did not fork over $2.7 million. The Rougely’s brazenly admit basing this figure off of a calculation of “gibs”: living expenses [read: mom’s rent, utilities, cable, wifi and cell phone] plus private school through 12th grade, college, and law or medical school. This, in addition to the low-interest loan and scholarship that had allowed the 12-year-old to attend the school in the first place.

Angry Black Women

Stepping up the pressure, someone notified the Dallas-based “Black Women’s Defense League,” which markets itself like a militia from a black sexploitation film:

Black Women’s Defense League is a coalition of women of color from all walks of life on the path to total liberation.
BWDL focus’ on self fense through martial arts and other hand to hand combat techniques armed training with various types of artillery including knife fighting ,marksmanship,and weapons of opportunity. BWDL also engages in emergency preparedness , urban suvival training , and battered women’s rescue.
…Black Women’s Defense League through physical & educational training will prepare current and future generations to combat and destroy all forms of oppression imposed on the people by fascist, imperialist and capitalist regimes [sic].

BWDL performs vital public services to the black community, such as holding charity raffles for items essential to urban vibrancy:

BWDL appears to be led by Niecee Cornute, a.k.a. “Niecee X,” though she plans to change her name to “Nairobi X Asantewaa.”

BWDL literature called for “direct action” to respond to an “attempted lynching.” Curnute also posted a video of a vehicle driving menacingly in front of the school.

Faced with the prospect of armed black men and women demonstrating in front of their school, Live Oak decided to cancel the last day of class, dashing the children’s hopes for end-of-school parties.

Unsatisfied, the raging mob marched to the home of Alison Buras, the school’s dean, whom they blame for the student’s injury. There, they broke into frenzied, threatening harrangues against against Live Oak, Dean Buras, and the church affiliated with the school. There they used a bullhorn to demand criminal charges, termination the entire edministration and faculty responsible, and other outrageous things. They threatened to “shut [the school] down” if their demands were not met.

In a moment of unintentional self-parody, one protestor thought he’d found tiles arranged into a swastika (video here) in Buras’ driveway because, in his mind, little old white schoolteachers in Texas are a core constituency of Nazism.

Without even having a single witness corroborating the “attempted lynching” narrative, others stated on Facebook that Blacks should retaliate by killing Whites.

Now, Nelson Hackworth (a.k.a. “Nelson X-Unknown” and “Nelson IamVision Negus”), founder of the 007 villain-inspired P.O.W.E.R (People Openly Working for Equality and Reform) is trying to use the incident to have the school’s accredidation revoked. He believes he saw that driveway swastika, too.

Hackworth blatantly admits to exploiting the incident for his own ends, telling the Waco Tribune-Herald, “The incident at Live Oak was definitely the spark, I have had a vision for a while now that we need to be in a better position.” In other words, Hackworth had a plan to get the gibs from whitey all along. Having found a target, he held a very serious, unironic public meeting a mere stone’s throw from the White-built, Black-occupied East Waco housing projects.

The Eternal Pursuit

Live Oak’s largely female administration probably felt that offering scholarships to minority children would make the school seem virtuous and tolerant. Better to give them something up front to avert a crisis later, they reason. Yet no concession is ever enough for the contemporary black activist. When the opportunity appears, facts be damned: the routine is to spew innuendo, accusations, suspicion, paranoia, and outright lies until the opposition is simply too exhausted to continue. Once the allies seeking their cut of the loot have all been fought off, find a new target and repeat.

Black “separatists” love to LARP about strength, independence, and Africa. Yet after 60 years they are still shaking down the White man for another meal. Hopefully, the leadership of Live Oak will learn the lesson that the Alternative Right has been trying to teach them all along: that we are targeted as White people, not for what we do or don’t do, but for being White. You can move one more exit down the highway. You can pay for a better school, or go to work for a more homogenous company. But they will follow you because, despite their rhetoric, they know they cannot survive without you. Eventually, they will come, demanding more and more until they have turned your life into everything you were fleeing.

Face the truth. Stop apologizing, stop negotiating, stop running, and start fighting back.