Ever since George Bush flew upon that aircraft carrier and declared “mission accomplished” it seems as if Neoconservatives have been falling over themselves to come up with more audacious ways to be wrong.

And no one has been more committed to that cause than Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol.

The Kristol ball himself has made such laughable predictions as Donald Trump reaching a ceiling after almost each, and every primary. Now, he’s back with a vengeance after tweeting over memorial day weekend that there will be an “impressive” independent candidate to emerge, one with a “strong” team at that.

Well, it appears that Kristol and the rest of #NeverTrump in Conservatism inc. have found their candidate. No, it’s not Gary Johnson, but one of their own, National Review writer David French. French of course has not confirmed, nor denied this “groundswell” of support, but has been predictably humbled by this showing from “Renegades” that stretch from Georgetown cocktail bars to Hillsdale’s Kirby Center near Capitol Hill.

French, an Iraq War veteran, and Harvard Law Grad seems to be an unlikely choice for #NeverTrump to hang its hat on. For one thing, French went on record as saying he’d support Trump if he got the nomination in the past. Second, one of #NeverTrump’s constant refrain is Trump’s lack of political experience, a complaint which is revealed as groundless with this move.

But in other ways, French perfectly encapsulates the dying creed of Kristol’s breed. Which makes him a perfect candidate for them.

French embodies many of the worst aspects of Conservatism Inc. from an Alt-Right point of view. He was a vocal defender of Kevin Williamson’s “Working Class Whites Deserve to Die” piece, in addition he’s  adopted children from Africa himself. French has also been a supporter of Con Inc., and in particular NeoCon Inc.’s wrong-headed views on foreign policy.

But to a “conservative” who can see “real America” from across the Potomac, a French candidacy represents a certain wish fulfillment. Which is that the “Conservative movement” is in tune with middle America, that they are the tribunes of the people in Washington. That its ideology is intimately connected with people from Alabama and Alaska. That tax cuts and tactical bombings are what motivate the average GOP voter, not heaven forbid, immigration or the slow death of their people. After all, it’s Democrats who are the real racists!

A French candidacy would just show what a pathetic tribe NeoConservatives have become. They haven’t even been able to attract a candidacy as strong as the Libertarians!

The truth is the realignment of the post-Bush American right displaced NeoConservatives whose presence in many ways was succeeded by libertarians in the Beltway.

What started as a tragedy, with the NeoCon push for war in Iraq, now ends in farce with a Quixotic third party bid, that has less of a chance than a party that allowed a striptease on national television.

So I say, embrace the #FrenchRevolution.

For the NeoCons at least, it’ll be a French kiss of death!