Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on Guillaume Faye’s blig “J’AI TOUT COMPRIS” here, translated by Hannibal Bateman.

Today, we are saturated with the Euro, vintage 2016. Formerly known as the “European Cup of Nations”, a name abandoned as it is now the 3rd international sporting event (based on spectators and turnover) after the Olympic Games and the World Cup.

France is trying to forget reality with this tournament, trying to escape its problems like an ostrich buried in the spectacle of a fake sport plagued by filthy lucre. The rhythm of strikes and the threat of Islamist terrorism being the true national sports. Football has become a collective drug and a place for bizarre arrangements: Qatar, an Islamist, dictatorial, monarchical and pro-slavery state, effectively has the main French club and enjoys a free ride for all of its investments in France, the pretentious “country of human rights”…

A Predominately African Team

Of the 23 players selected(active and reserve) by Didier Deschamps(who has been accused of racism by Eric Cantona and Jamel Debbouze for daring to not select the thug Karim Benzema) in the French team, there were 10 Whites(Blancs), 11 Blacks with three born in Africa, one Arab(Beur) born in France and one mestizo born in Reunion. Therefore, the French team is comprised of a White minority. This fact is even more pronounced seeing the team actually on the field. Watching the team play in France, viewers from around the world say: “France is no longer predominately of European origin”.

The message from this selection is very clear; François Hollande reiterated that the football team represented the nation: “You are France,” De Gaulle, who confided to Alain Peyrefitte that France was a White country and should remain so, must be turning over in his grave. The French football team is predominately non-French and non-European in origin. In any other country of the world, this would seem absurd.

France is the only European country in which this is the case. One must assume it is done voluntarily to launch an ideological message (the French football team must be emblematic of the new ethnic France, that is to say, déblanchie), which would be an anti-White approach, or the team is just not popular enough to recruit young French-born footballers as candidates. Both explanations may intersect. The argument that blacks are better footballers than others(as they are the best sprinters) does not hold as no African country(100% black) performs well internationally, quite the contrary.

Recovery of Football by Politicians and Power

Like Chirac before him, Hollande is fully participating in football and the struggles of Euro2016. He hopes that if the French team is successful it will yield electoral benefits in 2017 like it did in 1998 when France won the World Cup over Brazil. An incredible victory…it was the time when the “Black-White-Arab” Zidane prevailed, for ideological reasons. Wicked tounges have suggested that the game was rigged-common practice in football-for the French team. It shouldn’t be discounted that similar match tricks are underway to make the French team win Euro2016. Bernard Tapie is a master teacher of this discipline(1). In any case, if the French team wins, then it is very likely we should ask questions.

Dining with the “Bleus” on June 5, Mr. Holland explained: “The country can be happy with you while we live with difficulties […] Our countrymen want to be happy and proud with you. We must give them what they expect from you, a collective spirit, a will to win together”. We recognize this in context as the official dogma of “vivre ensemble” a ridiculous and inefficient one at that.

In the opening match against Romania, the President of the Republic was present, covered with a huge supporters’ scarf. Grotesque. A real clown, insensitive to his own absurdity. What would this little politician not try to do to snatch votes?

Football as Hollow Liturgy

The sad reality is that the world of football-international and French in particular-is plagued by widespread corruption, doping, mafia practices, sex offenses, financial traffic, delusional enrichments, and match fixing. Recent cases (Platini, Benzema, etc.) are only the small tip of the iceberg of the most rotten sport on the planet.

It is disastrous to present as role models for our “youth” millionaire footballers, who are illiterate poseurs and often criminals. It is unworthy of the salaries given to its top managers, who are still entrepreneurs and employers, but not all of them, and of the often higher salaries of the footballers.

The stars of football, who “behave like scoundrels while creating the ecstasy of the crowd in the words of Chantal Delsol, are mercenaries, often illiterate, sometimes rogue, and always motivated by financial greed. Their transformation by Mr. Hollande into representatives of French patriotism and symbols of France is lamentable.

With all of this footballing, mass insignificance becomes the central issue. The polemicist Anthony Palou (Le Figaro 08/06/2016) takes up the classical idea of “football as the opium of the people”, writes: “We have nothing against football, rather against the stupidity that emerges […] what we have against a sick society, a society which lives only by the ball, a completely infantile society” . It’s the pretext for a low-end chauvinism, the opposite of real patriotism or nationalism, football is also the realm of “crazy money” and the political demagoguery: “ras-le-ball these ridiculous politicians and not a few professionals who are constantly spending their time watching TV or at the Stade de France

Without forgetting hooliganism and the ultraviolent support football amplifies, in any of its aspects football is not friendly. Chantal Delsol, on the great mass that is the Euro and football, in general, uses this phrase: “Hollow liturgy”.

The lie of Happy Diversity represented by the “Bleus”

The French team is not French society. The “Bleus”(a very dark blue at that) have become a derisive symbol of national identity. We’ve been trying for some time-the ideology of Black,Blanc,Beur-to present this multiracial team as a successful example of plurality and coexistence in a company under the obligation to diversify and to déblanchir.

The official rhetoric(hollowly racist as any “racism”) says it is this (ethnoracial) diversity which gives dynamism to the French team and is, therefore, also an advantage, it’s an opportunity for a new France. These two assumptions are false. The French team was performing better in the rankings when it was ethnically homogenous, or European. the best teams in the world(in all sports) are mono-ethnic. Yves Kendrel recalls that in 1970 “football was a sport where real athletes competed and not uneducated urchins stuffed with millions of euros and unable to sing La Marseillaise” ( Actual Values , 9-17 / 06 / 2016). The “Bleus” for several years were poor and shaken by scandal. The French company, in turn, became multiracial and multicultural and is in deep crisis. The famous “vivre ensemble” is a sinister utopia, a tragic farce. Which was predictable as an ethnically heterogeneous society is an univable term.

This hides a terrible situation, a heavy truth, that imposes the lie of “happy diversity”, the propaganda of the state and the dominant media orchestrates huge hype about the French team and Euro 2016. The ideological issue of a “Bleu” victory is huge. They will be tempted to do anything to win…

The Bleus, False Heros, and Dummy Models

The state authorities, including the President of the Republic, devalue themselves by deifying this “team of France” a bunch of doped athletes, with chicken IQs, paid like moguls. Here are the “Bleus” as the supreme symbol of France it’s insulting and degrading. We give them as a symbol, while we neglect the true French elites which, unfortunately, are exiled researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, talented artists, etc. often ignored by the media, who are much more attracted to footballers and rappers.

At least the gladiators and charioteers of the same Circus Games in the Roman Empire were risking their lives every descent into the arena!

President Hollande, visiting the Clairefontaine training center of the team, in a ridiculous pomposity, exclaimed: “You are France, France!” This compares the national football team of France to France itself. Making them such models is obsessive and miserable. Mr. Hollande obviously meant that France has, like its team, “diversified” that is to say “Africanized”. There it is, the obsession to end France.

Ivan Rioufol, who addresses current football as “rotten sports, money and idiocy” and deplored “the crowd anesthetized by this new opium” wrote: “I’ve come to accept that professional football, corrupt to the bone, alone is capable of uniting the citizens with all the exploded ills of France […] Watch the helpless government fall into the arms of a high adulterated soccer elevated to cult status, makes a pathetic situation”(Le Figaro, 10/06/2016).

This alienation reached Le Monde, the official newspaper of the dominant ideology and oligarchy, which devoted two pages(!) on June 8th to the player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a perfect narcissistic moron spouting nonsense, who compared the strength and health of a country to its football team (a team of millionaires who, in addition, don’t reflect its identity) it’s deeply perverse. For it is an attempt to siphon real French patriotism into a degenerate chauvinism that makes mercenaries heroes.

Wish the best for our country: That the French football team, the “Bleus” is eliminated and a truly national European team wins.

(1) Rig a match by paying athletes to play badly and let score goals to the opponent, a common practice in football. The reasons for this is multiple political and/or related to Paris. Players accomplices of the defeat of their team are highly paid. This practice was common in Roman times for chariot races.