Muhammad Ali’s recent death will be just another moment for White liberals to collectively mourn another link to their “golden age” in the 1960’s. When their opponents where “the real racists” and they had such “titans” as Martin Luther King jr. and John F. Kennedy leading America inexorably towards progress.

The Guardian has a typical display of this mindset:

Born in the south before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white bus passenger, he died at the age of 74, having seen the first African American elected to the White House. Barack Obama led tributes to the incandescent athlete, activist, humanitarian, poet and showman with a statement that caught the mood of many.

But reality, unlike Cultural Marxist ideology is always more complex. Ali was of course, a radical Black muslim whom most of us would be hard-pressed to find much common ground with on the surface.

However, Ali in fact, had racial views that are far more akin to a race realist than to the smug White liberals who use his picture to decorate his dorm room today. Just take a look at this interview below.

Ali would go even further in a Playboy interview , sounding closer to Dr. Pierce than Dr. King by a mile:

>PLAYBOY: You’re beginning to sound like a carbon copy of a white racist. Let’s get it out front: Do you believe that lynching is the answer to interracial sex? 

ALI: A black man should be killed if he’s messing with a white woman. And white men have always done that. They lynched n****rs for even looking at a white woman; they’d call it reckless eyeballing and bring out the rope. Raping, patting, mischief, abusing, showing our women disrespect — a man should die for that. And not just white men — black men, too. We will kill you, and the brothers who don’t kill you will get their behinds whipped and probably get killed themselves if they let it happen and don’t do nothin’ about it. Tell it to the President — he ain’t gonna do nothin’ about it. Tell it to the FBI: We’ll kill anybody who tries to mess around with our women. Ain’t nobody gonna bother them.

All this weekend there are going to be celebrations about the ‘legacy’ of Muhammad Ali. They will more than likely focus on race more than anything to do with boxing. But for the smug leftists who celebrate Ali, the man himself stands in stinging rebuke to the “post-racial” dream they so love to articulate.

It’s no surprise that we are seeing a resurgence in street violence this election season. This is something Ali would have predicted, because like White identitarians today he understood that diversity leads to conflict.

So let’s do a little culture jamming and throw these words back into the faces of Ali’s so-called admirers. They could use the tough love!