None of this was supposed to happen.

Hillary Clinton was going to be crowned by a “united” Democratic Party. Having received the endorsement of Bernie Sanders and appropriating the rhetoric of #BlackLivesMatter, Hillary was assured to have unified the coalition of the fringes, in order to bring her grrl-powered campaign straight to the White House. Donald Trump, was so despised, she picked a bland White guy running mate, seemingly signaling her “seriousness” to moderate Republicans and just daring BernieBros and minorities to vote against her, after all, what are they going to do, vote for Donald Trump?

Then came WikiLeaks.

We were treated to email, after email documenting the Democratic National Committee’s(DNC) collusion with the Clinton campaign this election cycle. We saw a Democratic Party not above appealing to what I’m sure they’d call base and vulgar instincts. We even saw the naked corruption of the buying and selling of offices off to the highest bidder. But none of this is important.

What’s really important, especially to our elites, is that Russia may be behind this.

Did you hear that?! Quelle Horreur! Watch the skies! Sound the Air Raids! Because the Russians are coming!

Everyone from Bill Kristol to the New York Times is jumping aboard a narrative about “Russian Influence” in our democracy. It’s rich to watch our elites kvetch about supposed Russian influence while ignoring or downright praising open influence from (((other))) nations.

Even if it were true, one could hardly blame the Russians with Lady MacBeth seemingly on the verge of taking us to World War III over her paranoid delusions about “the next Hitler”. This is amusing coming from a party that only last cycle attacked its opponents for being delusional on Russia. All of this reflects Elite anxiety about this election.

Our elites never seem to stop griping about “populism” or the much vaunted “paranoid style” in American politics, as articulated by Richard Hofstadter. But maybe it’s time to consider their own “paranoid style”.

The nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican standardbearer has sent our managerial elite into overdrive to stop the emergence of a politics outside of their paradigms. That’s why these appeals to Russian influence are so telling. It’s an attempt to regain control of the narrative, to be able to turn the tables on Trump supporters. To say, “we’re the real patriots” not like you Ruskie influenced rubes from the heartland.

Really, it’s rather boring. But what’s not boring are the lengths they’ll go through in order to keep control of the narrative. Nowhere is the sort of ideological hegemony of our age seen better than in social media.

For good, and many times for ill, our social media shapes the narrative structures we are bombarded by and the world as we see it. But far too often, those controlling social media are our enemies and outright hostile to our interests as a people, or to any dissent from the bland pre-planned script of diversity at the End of History.

Facebook has already admitted to removing WikiLeaks links to the DNCLeaks. This is just another example among many in the growing digital platform censorship of dissenting ideas. Not only that but just this week we’ve seen media social construction at its lowest after the attacks in Munich. With reporters changing the attacker’s name to give the impression of a European attacker rather than an Islamic one. Go figure. You don’t even have to be opposing anything as major as the DNC either, just ask Milo.

Perhaps one of the most amusing incidents out of all of this is how our elite’s smugness led to the crime of being noticed by WikiLeaks’ twitter account. Not that Assange and co. haven’t been strangers to such controversy before.

All of this matters because it shows our elites are worried. They’re concerned that they’ve lost control.

The scheduled mergers haven’t gone as planned, and it seems as if history has a few chapters left.

Already things aren’t going as planned in Philadelphia as Sanders supporters are refusing to submit, even as their candidate urges them to do so. For those of us on the Alt-Right, it’s proverbial popcorn time as we watch the Coalition of the Fringes attempt to keep from fraying apart.

As the Democratic Party elites struggle to keep on message, I’m sure the mandarins over at Conservatism Inc. are waited with baited breath to see if they really can be saved from the creeping nationalist specter in their ranks. Already we see NeoCons boomeranging back to the Democratic Party after a generation in the “Conservative” wilderness.

Ultimately, our elite’s need for control will be their undoing. As they try to control the narrative further, it will only spiral more and more out of their control.

I think I speak for all of the Alt-Right watching Philadelphia when I say: #BernItDown