After Dallas, Grandma Hillary demanded that White Americans start listening to Blacks’ tales of the “unseen barriers” they—she wrote you; I presume she meant they—face every day.

Newt Gingrich has been listening:

It took me a long time, and a number of people talking to me through the years, to get a sense of this: If you are a normal, white American, the truth is you don't understand being black in America and you instinctively under-estimate the level of discrimination and the level of additional risk.

Newt’s racial boilerplate sounds remarkably like Michelle Obama’s, which she iterated in 2007:

Trump is at a crossroads, and not just regarding his VP selection. As Coulter wrote:

My vice presidential prediction is: Trump is about to make his first mistake. . . .
Trump’s advisers are undoubtedly telling him he’s got the “outsider” image covered. He needs someone with experience in Washington — as if presidents don’t have staffs — an elected Republican official with solid standing in the GOP, preferably a sitting senator or governor, who will give the ticket gravitas and heft.
This is completely wrong. Trump isn’t a standard-issue GOP, trying to balance the ticket to get his party into power. He’s starting a new party! He’s just blown up the old GOP. Instead of a party for, by and of globalist plutocrats, the new Trumpian party is a party of Americans for America.

The GOP is already, in effect, the Party White People Vote For. The revolution is to make it the Party that Stands for White People.

Picking Newt Gingrich would seriously jeopardize that.