The wrecking ball that is the Trump campaign has already smashed through the Republican Establishment and “movement conservatism.” The next target is the System itself. And this requires blowing apart the indispensable support of the occupying government—the lying press.

Ezra Klein (Is there an echo in here?) says the election is not between Left and Right but between “normal” and “abnormal,” which explains the media’s increasing willingness to dispense with objectivity and openly attack Trump. More importantly, Klein admits that the press is “afraid” of Trump because he “is a threat to the free press as an institution.”

Of course, the “free press” is anything but. As we are learning from the Soros leaks, the Narrative of White dispossession promoted by the lying press is simply a product, bought and paid for. Western reporters scream for citizens who criticize mass immigration to be jailed. The Fourth Estate acts as an instrument of repression, serving the interests of those in power, hunting down dissidents and comforting the comfortable.
Journalism is about as “subversive” as late-night comedy. Reporters are enforcers for the political and cultural regime. And certain journalists can be explicitly identified as morally culpable for everything we face.

The lying press is screeching because Trump calls reporters “liars” and “scum” at his rallies, and his supporters are taking notice. One attendee was taking photographs of people in the press pen at a recent Trump rally, leading to kvetching from the journalists about the lèse-majesté of a random citizen doing the same thing they do to Trump’s voters.

After all, thanks to the media’s hate campaign, it’s Trump supporters who are constantly attacked by leftists around the country. Meanwhile, those of us who constantly have the entire mainstream media and quasi-government intelligence agencies trying to destroy us are portrayed as ruthless oppressors because we occasionally send a reporter a cartoon of a smug frog. Spare us the moral indignation or the lectures about how a “free press” is a check on the state. Reporters are far more interested in attacking individual Alt Right supporters than they are exposing government corruption or the crimes of those in power.

Indeed, nothing exposes the myth of the “adversarial press” like journalists’ relationship with Hillary Clinton. As of this writing, it has been 262 days since Clinton held a press conference. The Clinton Foundation’s nature as a “pay-to-play” influence-peddling operation is so overt and blatant even outlets like The Huffington Post are having to act embarrassed about it. And Clinton is now incorporating the neoconservative foreign-policy advisors who gave us the Iraq War into her team. Her corporate liberalism is precisely the kind of inherently corrupt and shadowy edifice you would think reporters LARPing as Woodward and Bernstein would want to deconstruct.

Instead, on the rare occasions Hillary emerges from whatever protective cocoon they have her in, she’s applauded by journalists. There’s a vast cultural establishment protecting Hillary like some kind of Imperial Guard. From Hollywood celebrities to academia, from Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post to Carlos Slim’s New York Times, all the institutions of the Great and the Good have formed a protective bubble around her. And Trump is taxing their resources to the limit. Whether it’s from a supposed comedianne, a journalist, or some political “insider,” every article carries that same insufferable hectoring and scolding tone Americans are increasingly tuning out.

Even if they pull it off, who is the System left with as a frontman . . . er, -person? Hillary Clinton is a sick old woman, even if some of the more spectacular health rumors are exaggerated. The vast majority of the American people find her untrustworthy. The policies she has supported have been a disaster. Most Republicans believe she should be punished for committing crimes that would have led to jail time for any low-ranking national security staffer or intelligence officer who did the same things. She only has a political career because she hung on to Slick Willie like grim death for decades, giving us the ultimate example of a supposed feminist and “strong woman” who is utterly dependent on a man for everything she has ever “accomplished.”

Though political rallies don’t actually tell us much about how the vote will go, they do tell us Hillary Clinton has few passionate supporters excited about her candidacy or dedicated to what she represents. And what does she represent anyway?
If Trump wins—though there are obviously dangers about him becoming a safety valve—the Alt Right will have increased freedom of action. But if the decrepit hag somehow limps across the finish line with a heavy assist from the media, she’ll be illegitimate from day one in the eyes of many Americans. The brand of #CrookedHillary will last beyond November, whatever happens.

And this illegitimacy will extend to the entire system. Already, thanks to Trump’s charges, his supporters will (accurately) blame the media if the would-be God-Emperor is finally Stumped. Each Trump haymaker calling the System into question may be costly for him in the short-term, but is beneficial in the long-term for us. Charges of voter fraud will circulate widely, as will talk of secession. Having pulled out all the stops to defend their System, the lying press will own it. The System’s ability to survive a crisis, should one arrive, will be dramatically reduced.

It’s not that anything fundamental will change. However, the System works best when power is concealed. Under President Hillary, it will be harder to disguise how we are ruled like peasants by a corrupt and sociopathic political class, propped up by its media servants. The Jewish role, the real “third rail” of American politics, will be more overt and obvious than ever before.

Ultimately, journalists are courtiers. They rely on stability and a predictable power structure. Revolutions are bad for courtiers. Klein seems to believe Trump is going to start rounding up reporters or destroying their outlets. It’s more likely we will see The Great Shuttening accelerate if Trump loses, cheered on by the “free press.”

The real reason Trump is a threat to the press is because he’s calling the policy consensus into question and creating the possibility of a populist force overtly hostile to the media. He also provides legitimacy to dissident outlets most reporters would rather see destroyed. In the Information Age, all politics is a media war.

If Trump wins, the press is neutered. If Clinton narrowly wins, the press is exposed as shills. The only way they can preserve their position is if Trump is so roundly defeated journalists can pretend that his rise was a massive fluke.

The Lügenpresse recognizes something fundamental is at stake. In an extraordinary confession earlier this month, Jim Rutenberg of The Old Grey Lady admitted journalists are throwing out “the textbook [they] have been using for the better part of the last half-century, if not longer. . .

You approach [Trump’s candidacy] in a way you’ve never approached anything in your career. If you view a Trump presidency as something that’s potentially dangerous, then your reporting is going to reflect that.

But dangerous to whom? What is the wonderful policy consensus that Dangerous Donald is challenging and which the press is now sworn to defend?

We are now witnessing the wholesale destruction of German society, and possibly all of Europe, by Angela Merkel’s utterly unnecessary decision to admit an unlimited number of “Syrian” refugees to her country. The vast majority are young, male, uneducated, unemployable, and hostile. Even now she refuses to confess that she has done anything wrong, mindlessly repeating “we can do it!” without ever giving reasons why we should. Mainstream journalists never treat this as an act of criminal lunacy or sadistic treachery, but as a responsible, statesmanlike policy only opposed by creepy “extremists.” Clinton is never challenged on whether she still admires Merkel.
The ostensible cause for this refugee crisis is instability in the Middle East. The period of chaos began with America’s utterly unnecessary and insanely costly invasion of Iraq, an invasion championed by the same neoconservative “experts” now decrying Trump and lining up behind Hillary. Europe’s southern defenses against mass immigration were destroyed by the overthrow of Gaddafi, a policy championed by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The catastrophe in Syria, and the rise of the Islamic State, was also a creation of our government. And it’s becoming increasingly clear a second Clinton Administration would move us into an another unnecessary confrontation with Russia.

America’s middle class is well into a collapse. Many cities are literally in flames. Universities turn out mentally crippled degenerates. The financial situation is obviously unsustainable, with skyrocketing rates of debt and dependence and a potential crisis looming when automation meets the mass of unskilled immigrant workers. Most importantly, our leaders take as the fundamental premise of all their policies that dispossessing and then replacing the traditional ethnic population of every Western nation will have no ill effects whatsoever and that questioning The Great Replacement is not something that can even be debated.

The only two possibilities are that “our” leaders are astonishingly stupid and incompetent or they are deliberately trying to destroy Western Civilization. Either way, it is a question of our survival or theirs. And regardless of what happens in November, the battle will be taken to a new level of intensity.

Trump has already done what we needed him to do. So for all the reporters reading this, you do what you must. For we have already won.