There’s a reason Bane started his war on decadent Gotham by blowing up the football stadium immediately after the national anthem. The circuses part of the equation has always been as important as bread. And as the System increasingly fails to deliver a lifestyle previous generations could take for granted, circuses become even more critical to keeping everything going.

But there’s always an implicit threat to the social order presented by such spectacles. Dominant athletes tend to come from groups outside the core demographic of the society. Gladiators in ancient Rome could become huge celebrities and, supposedly, objects of sexual desire for aristocratic women. However, they were still slaves. And when slaves, usually recruited from the ranks of defeated enemies, are informally at the top of the social ladder despite being legally at the bottom, a deep perversion sets in.

In American sports, many of the top football players, basketball players, and other athletes are simply thugs. The fate of every team, no matter how skillfully assembled by the front office, partially depends on which player is going to commit some inexplicably stupid crime during the off-season despite being paid millions of dollars. These are the exact people European-Americans have to arrange their entire lives trying to avoid. And yet even though men work jobs they hate and waste hours commuting every day just to live away from diversity, they spend their weekends and money watching mostly black teams throw a ball.

Sports, of course, are a natural and healthy part of anyone’s upbringing, for both men and women. And it’s always a good thing to watch people from your community compete. But any connection to community has long since been severed. Not only are professional teams simply assemblages of random individuals from around the world but college and even Olympic and world cup teams have no connection to the peoples they ostensibly represent.

It’s useless to bemoan the frivolity of “sportsball” and just tell people to stop. After all, it was the rivalry between the “Blues” and the “Greens” which plunged Constantinople into chaos and almost overthrew the Emperor Justinian 1,500 years ago. Like the poor, the superfans will always be with us.

Anyone reading this already knows the costs. The desire of White South Africans to participate in international rugby tournaments was one of the factors which broke their resistance. Now, White players are being forced out of sports where they traditionally dominate in the name of “diversity,” i.e. eliminating Whites. Southern college football coaches are notoriously contemptuous of Whites and integration for the sake of winning football games is partly what broke the White South. Boosters at a number of these Southern schools essentially pimp out White girls for visiting black athletes. The feminist hysteria about “rape culture” would be beneficial if it had the inadvertent side effect of destroying college football. Unfortunately, just as feminists didn’t care about Rotherham, they’re still mostly concerned with going after White fraternity members rather than black rapists.

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it was only 2006 when The Boondocks aired “Return of the King,” an episode about what would have happened if Martin Luther King had lived. Aaron McGruder was heavily criticized for Lèse majesté against America’s King, as the episode featured King cursing out his frivolous and degenerate people. Though King says he is “moving to Canada,” McGruder imagines King’s tirade finally getting through to American blacks, who become dedicated left-wing activists whom Whitey can no longer buy off with trinkets. Angry blacks organize politically, protesters surround the White House and Oprah is elected President of the United States (in 2020). Perhaps most importantly, McGruder’s closing montage features NBA players refusing to take the court “until the troops are brought home.”

Having turned on the White working class as part of the problem, progressives have always thought American blacks would serve as the foot soldiers of their revolution. Black athletes have been regarded as especially promising propaganda tools if only they could be lured away from the pleasures of money and fame. From Mohammed Ali to the Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics, journalists are eager to celebrate the politicization of sports. Dave Zirin, who made a career of this, is practically giddy at what is happening in the NFL with blacks refusing to stand for the national anthem.

It is already beyond Colin Kaepernick. As this is written, it’s being reported entire teams may decline to stand on the anniversary of September 11. High school teams are joining the protests. And unlike in the case of John Rocker, few will pay any real price for this, aside from losing an endorsement here and there. After all, the President has defended Kaepernick even as Hillary Clinton condemns a huge chunk of the American population as “irredeemable.”

Ostensibly, the justification for the protest is the same thing we always hear – America not living up to its “founding ideals,” police brutality against blacks, etc. Leave aside for a moment that these “founding ideals,” at least the modern egalitarian interpretations of them, are garbage. There is no scenario where African-Americans will achieve on the same levels as Whites.

Race is a biological reality and the complaints and screams of a hundred thousand parasitic journalists and academics won’t change that any more than the fasts of Glenn Beck will make Ted Cruz the Republican nominee. This protest movement, could, in theory, go on forever as “equality” will always be unrealized. And it doesn’t bode well for the stability of The Republic when athletes can’t even make the pro forma gestures of respect towards the symbols of state.

Leftists are smirking at White discomfort about this, with Zirin specifically claiming the “Alt Right” is enraged at Kaepernick. He’s got it backwards. Come the Revolution, we’ll name a street in the ethnostate after him. Probably the one with the most crime, the way America does with MLK.

Contra Zirin, we don’t want business as usual when it comes to professional sports. We don’t want the multimillion dollar subsidies for stadiums given to plutocrats pushing degeneracy. We don’t want our children looking up to scum as role models. We don’t want the only form of tribalism and identity practiced in White America to revolve around whether “our Negroes can beat your Negroes.” And we do want White people to understand blacks will continue to regard you as a kind of enemy, even if you raise them within your own home as White goobers did with Kaepernick.

Yet there’s more to it than that. It’s easy to snicker at blacks complaining that they are essentially high paid slaves when it comes to professional sports. But in some ways they are right. Why should they be stuffed into suits for post-game press conferences instead of dressing like they normally would? Why should they be penalized for trash talking and swearing on the field when that really is a celebration of their culture? Why should we continue to pretend college football players at Division I universities are actually “scholars?” Most importantly, why should black athletes feel anything but contempt and resentment towards the fat businessmen in the luxury boxes who pay their salaries or the White carb-cucks wearing their names on their backs? Incidentally, Kaepernick’s jersey is now the top selling jersey in the NFL.

What’s more, the mostly White people who can afford to go to these games and order the expensive cable channels really do regard black athletes as a form of property. In the past, you could imagine being loyal to a franchise which has some tie to a community. At least then you would have some kind of tie to individual players, at least until they were traded. That has long since passed.

Today, people build fantasy teams composed of different players on different franchises, with players regarded as interchangeable, their only value being their stats. Instead of young White males dreaming of becoming a professional ballplayer, many now seem to be acting as if they want to be the guy in the front office dealing with players as property. The general manager is higher in the power structure than the athlete, but he has less dignity and certainly less heroic appeal to most people.

It’s been said as a society declines, its heroes change. Initially, heroes are military, political or spiritual leaders. Then they become great athletes. Finally, they become celebrities or artists of uncertain accomplishments. Sports, whatever else one may say about it, is not about egalitarianism. An athlete is still more admirable than Kim Kardashian or some other living justification for nuclear winter.

Competition, athleticism and yes even fandom are important elements of our social life. We can’t do without them. We need to seek new outlets for them. Sports provides the one context where a modern average American can meaningfully talk about concepts such as victory and defeat, struggle and sacrifice, achievement and glory. As a substitute for war, it has sublimated the heroic virtues and in a healthy culture, it can enhance them. In our society, much like public service, it’s just a racket preying on our decadence.

Because we recognize this, we want professional sports, as constituted today, to utterly collapse. We want the culture to crack. We want White superfans to constantly be lectured about Black Lives Matter by affirmative action sociology majors on ESPN, to feel embarrassed about the athletes they are paying for their kids to see, to stop donating to their damn college athletics programs, to feel ashamed of themselves for wearing a jersey like a six-year-old boy.

Obviously certain sports like hockey (a kind of last stand of implicit whiteness) or attending your son’s high school football games are far less harmful than shoveling money to the NFL. In the long run, the ideal solution would be segregated sports, the same as we had throughout most of American history. If Black Lives Matter continues on its current trajectory, they’ll be advocating for that the same way there are calls from blacks for segregated college housing.

Fandom can be healthy when it’s aspirational – just like you have to actually know something about music to really appreciate a concert, you tend to most enjoy watching the sports you have some experience playing. But when it’s an excuse for inaction, when it’s a subsidy for people who despise you, when you are literally outsourcing your manhood in the same way some financier outsources American jobs, it’s despicable.

Yet our rebellion can’t just be about turning off the TV or watching sports that are more politically correct to the Alt Right. One of the trends which should be most encouraged in our broad cultural scene is the push for fitness, combat training, and learning to fight, using physicality as first step to spiritual and mental discipline. If the stereotypical conservative is some fat low T cuck with bad facial hair in a cheap suit, we need to look and act differently. The whole point of the Alt Right isn’t just to be an alternative policy program or political philosophy but to become a subculture which can eventually become the mainstream culture. Rejecting mainstream culture, turning away from the “porn and football” cucked consumerism of outsourced masculinity and building or adapting alternatives is a necessary step. But if we really want to become who we are, we need to put ourselves in the arena and build an athletic underground.

(Besides, considering how the Alt Right articles which get the most clicks tends to be about infighting, I’ve often half-seriously proposed we should start broadcasting MMA fights between feuding movement figures via subscription. Revenue from religious arguments alone could fund us for years.)

More importantly, we need to crack the culture. Let’s push this movement. Let this whole rotten edifice break apart. Let the cultural fragmentation of this media-saturated Third World disaster accelerate. Let these White men trudging to some stadium named after some corporation every Sunday reclaim their masculinity and their identity.

The spectacle of sports, especially pro football, is one of the few things holding the Hollow Empire together. And the sooner it splits culturally, the sooner we can reconquer it or break it apart, and reclaim a destiny for ourselves.