One need not reflect long on the state of contemporary America to appreciate the necessity of Donald J. Trump. Just as every construction must be preceded by a destruction in some form, Trump has taken aim at some of the most stubborn and ill-advised received wisdoms of the modern age. His candidacy has witnessed the shattering of taboo shibboleths on immigration and the ethos of American foreign policy.

Most significantly, the Trump campaign has brokered a new spirit of defiance among the White masses, brow-beaten and exhausted by the silent diktats of political correctness and a slavish adherence to the political status quo. Trump’s ‘truths’ are, in a sense, revolutionary.

He has created a pathway for voters to openly acknowledge that their government is corrupt, that globalist interests have too much power, that law and order is a national priority, that they have a right to maintain the traditional character of their nation, and that in the sphere of foreign policy it is a moral good to place the interests of America first.

These ‘truths’ have been present in the corners of American political sub-culture for some time, but Trump’s personality, perserverence, and resources have made them mainstream. Why Trump? Because he may just unlock the future we have all been striving for.