Leading up to the election, Radix Journal will publish a symposium, “The Meaning of Trump,” drawing writers from across the Alt Right. This is Guillaume Durocher’s entry.

European patriots can look to Donald Trump with hope for one reason alone: the basis of his power is his ability to appeal directly to the nationalistic fringe of the American people. Big Money hates him. Big Media hate him. What’s amazing is that Trump has gone as far as he has in the face of virtually total opposition. For all his flaws, only a financially-independent billionaire and a reality-TV celebrity could achieve what Trump has.

Western Europe, since the disaster of the Second World War, has been in varying degrees an economic, military, political, and especially, cultural satellite of the United States. As goes America, so goes Europe. If Trump wins, this will simply be astonishing. This would show that the post-national ruling establishment’s cultural power, its ability to dominate public opinion by determining the bounds of acceptable discourse, will have collapsed completely. That alone will have an enormous impact, even leaving the awesome powers of a U.S. president in the late-imperial era. European patriots would be galvanized to the point of hysteria: “The Americans have freed themselves, why not us!?”

No doubt, many European states would, out of principle or opportunism, follow the lead of Trump’s America. Angela Merkel – that willing enabler of rape and terrorism against European men, women, and children – would be hurled from office and Europe would turn towards a “Trump-Orbán consensus” defined by a total shutdown of African and Muslim immigration. This would be no panacea but would certainly put a tourniquet on Europe’s gaping wound, effectively halting further demographic damage.

And if Trump loses, that is no reason for despair. This campaign has shown the unwitting solidarity of all those who, for different reasons, oppose the power of the nation-wrecking globalist establishment: from Trump’s “movement” to Wikileaks, and scores of independent media outlets enabled by the Internet, including the Alt Right. This media-cultural power, this genuine opposition, this genuine civil society, independent of the anti-nationalist and anti-
gentile oligarchy can only grow. Every day, the degrees of separation from a Donald Trump to a Steve Bannon to an Anne Coulter to a Steve Sailer to a Kevin MacDonald, grow thinner. One day we shall know union.

In Europe, we have seen comparable gains in the cultural war against the left: Brexit, that appetizer, has reduced the liberals to apoplexy, the French Fachosphère increasingly rivals mainstream media in influence, and patriots have made unprecedented gains in German politics. We have all already been energized by Trump’s successes. Our memetic communities and their ties can only grow. As Europeans across the world speak to one another, from America through Europe to the furthest reaches of Russia, they can only become ever-more conscious of their fundamental identity, and therefore, their fundamental solidarity: that of shared blood and civilization.