Leading up to the election, Radix Journal will publish a symposium, “The Meaning of Trump,” drawing writers from across the Alt Right. This is Piero San Giorgio’s entry.

I am what they call a “survivalist”. As I explain in my books, I strive for an autonomous and free life for me and my family. I would not usually be concerned by the US presidential elections as any party would only accelerate the world demise into collapse and implosion.

This time is different.

Trump, is a sign of the possibility to – if not avoid, as the president does not have much power anyway – slow and perhaps even reverse the process that will inevitably lead to the collapse of the global economy, the social chaos and wars that will emerge and possibly the destruction of western civilization and the White peoples (or certainly massively reduce them in number and relevance). Even if Trump marginally loses or if the election is stolen or if some event precipitates chaos – the governing “elites” might prefer war and chaos to forfeiting their power – what the Trump campaign will have meant is that the people, abandoned by the financialized economy of Wall Street and the corrupt politicians of Washington and their minions in Brussels, the people forced to self-segregate to avoid crime, mixing and outright invasion from minorities (soon majorities in less than a generation), the people mocked and humiliated in the media, in the movies, by self-appointed pundits, by feminists, by so-called intellectuals… all these people realize that they represent a considerable part – perhaps the majority still – of the citizens and thus a considerable power.

A power with the ability to win with reasonable and peaceful argumentation, a power that refuses wars of conquest for foreign interests or wars to hide the failure of the current establishment and that could trigger nuclear annihilation, a power that will have to be reckoned with whatever happens, a power that will not accept humiliation and defeat, a power that might even fight if pushed beyond the current mental retrenchments. This alone, the awareness and the consolidation of this power is a major turning point in American and world history. History never stops, defeat and destruction are not inevitable, despite what many would like us all to believe. Trump will have achieved the recognition that we matter, that we can change history and he may well win, he must win. Then the real change could happen.

American friends do the right thing for your sake, for the White people’s sake, and for the world’s sake!