Leading up to the election, Radix Journal will publish a symposium, “The Meaning of Trump,” drawing writers from across the Alt Right. This is Occidental Dissent Editor Hunter Wallace’s entry.

Donald Trump has made politics great again.

I can’t remember ever being riveted by a democratic election. Trump
has kept us on the edge of our seats for over a year now. It goes far
beyond politics. Trump has a love of life, a daring quality about him,
that reminds me of Mussolini. As Thomas Carlyle once said, we are now accustomed in the West to being governed by the Duke’s bailiff. No Duke of any sort, in any aspect of national life, can rise to be a

I think we all looked at Donald Trump and instinctively knew “this is
what real leadership looks like.” This man could be a Caesar, a Duke,
or a King. You can see this in the way the White masses responded to
him. Trump stood on the presidential stage and the worms our system
usually produces wilted in his aura. Everywhere he goes he is met by
adoring crowds who deep in their bones are feeling the sentiment, if
they can’t quite yet articulate it or bring themselves to say it, “God
Save The King.”

The great fear is that Trump would dispense with constitutions,
liberal democracy, the buzzwords like “freedom” and “equality,” the
-isms and -phobias which are our most cherished values, and govern as an “authoritarian.” Conservatives used to believe that every country
needs a Father. Now they fight sexism and misogyny!

I can picture Donald Trump looking down on the dystopian state of this country from Trump Tower. As a builder, he grasps the problems: the hopelessly corrupt political system, which produces “leaders” who are mere body servants of the oligarchy; the hostile elite in the

#LyingPress and universities; the buzzwords which have led us to our
present national paralysis; the terror that ordinary people feel who
live in fear of stepping on the tripwires of political correctness;
the disintegration of our borders; endless wars overseas on behalf of
places (Donetsk?) and countries (Iraq?) no one in America gives a
rat’s ass about; the looting of the middle and working class by
globalization; the spineless, pathetic cucks who are a faux
opposition; the rotting cities, etc.

I was really struck by Trump’s comment that he knew this would be “a
journey to hell.” He knew the enormous risk he was taking by going to
war with the globalist establishment. He was risking the #LyingPress
destroying his reputation, his brand, his family and his business.
There was a real possibility that he might even be assassinated before
it was over. Just think of how many times his back was against the
wall and a lesser man would have folded. And yet, he leaped into the
abyss out a sense of duty and for the glory of victory.

We haven’t seen Donald Trump’s kind in a really long time. He is
setting an example for others to follow. That’s what I like the most
about him.