Leading up to the election, Radix Journal will publish a symposium, “The Meaning of Trump,” drawing writers from across the Alt Right. This is New Alternative Right Editor Colin Liddell’s entry.

We on the Alt-Right should never be naïve about politics, but many of us have crossed the line into pure shilling and simplistic cheerleading with Trump. I know I have.

What is really going on here is “the system” addressing its own failings through the unlikely medium of a reality TV star, property mogul, and ex-pussy grabber.

The active participants in this are mainly the globalist elites themselves, with the real tensions being between simplistic, old-style globalism and an evolution of that – imperfectly embodied in Trump – which seeks to modify and ameliorate its excesses by mixing in careful dosages of identitarianism, civic nationalism, multipolarity, and common sense.

The recent FBI bomb dropped on Hillary suggests that the jury is at least split on which way to go. The Global Elites tend to be busy people wrapped up in their affairs, but they also have finely attuned senses, and many of them can hear the whistling of the large meteor hurtling towards them, as Richard Wolstencroft observed in his article at our site, “Why the Globalist Elite Should Drop Hillary and Support Trump.”

The amount of debt sloshing around, the plight of Deutsche Bank, the instability of the EU, the cut-to-the-bone interest rates and sluggish or stagnant growth everywhere, Middle East tensions, and the constant hollowing out of the best societies is breeding a sense of looming dissatisfaction, danger, collapse, and even WWIII.

The early money of bumbling through this mess by doubling down on “the old formula” through a Clinton Presidency is now being replaced by the late bet of bumbling through by opting for Trump and thereby allying Globalism with elements that the Alt-Right approves of.

Are we really turning a corner with a Trump presidency or merely propping up a collapsing system for another few years? That remains the most important question.