Preston Wiginton & Richard Spencer

November 30, 2016


On Tuesday, December 6 at 7 PM, Richard B. Spencer—a cornerstone member of the Alt Right and the man who coined the term—will address the students of Texas A&M University. Mr. Spencer is President of The National Policy Institute (NPI) and Editor of RadixJournal. The event is hosted by long-time citizen activist Preston Wiginton.

Spencer will appear at the Memorial Student Center (275 Joe Routt Blvd). The exact room will be announced at a later time due to security concerns. He will discuss what the Alt Right is, why it’s important, and why every American must become conscious of his identity.

Great opposition has mounted to Spencer’s appearance. Thousands have signed a petition asking the university to prohibit the event, while others have threatened chaos and violence.

Under such pressure, the evening of December 6 will mark a major test of the University’s commitment to the First Amendment and students’ constitutional rights. In this way, the event is reminiscent of civil-rights protests of the ‘60s era, which were often met with such calls for censure and violence.

Spencer travels to A&M at a time when the Alt Right is being attacked worldwide. Last week, Spencer was banned from Twitter, despite the fact that he had a verified account, 22,000 followers, and never violated the terms of service. Both Spencer and Wiginton have been barred from entering the United Kingdom, not for any crime, but for their words.

Heretics and dissidents still exist. On December 6, one will visit Texas A&M.

For media inquiries, please contact Preston Wiginton at 989-587-4745 or or visit