We triggered them hard:

Texas A&M President Michael K. Young announced Tuesday the university will host a campus-wide “Aggies United” event Dec. 6 in response to a planned appearance by a controversial leader from the white nationalist movement.

Young said there has been “a significant outpouring of concern by members of the Aggie community and beyond” regarding the non-university affiliated event featuring Richard Spencer.

”Students, faculty, staff, former students and members of the community expressed their outrage over the speaker’s previously-expressed views and have roundly condemned everything for which he seems to stand,” Young said in a statement.

The “Aggies United” event is scheduled to take place at Kyle Field from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and will be open to students, faculty and staff as well as the public.

So, I appear on campus for a causal talk and Q&A with students, and in response, the President of the University feels the need to fill a football stadium to create the largest known “safe space.” Nothing demonstrates the power of the ideal of European identity than a reaction like this. Young might think that such a rally harms the Alt Right; to the contrary, it makes us stronger than he could possibly imagine!

Below is the statement from Preston Wiginton, the brave man who organized the event.

First I’d like to thank Texas A&M and Dr. Young for allowing the Richard Spencer event to occur. What a unique opportunity for the Aggie community to hear and engage one of the most controversial figures of the day.

I hope that Aggie community can show the true qualities of being an Aggie and a Texan. The qualities of hospitality and good manners.

However I am very disappointed that Dr. Young will not be attending the event and also extremely disappointed that Dr. Young is holding an event counter to mine.

I have never met Dr. Young, nor has he ever met Richard Spencer. How does he know what I or Richard Spencer stand for other than some slanted newspaper and Internet articles.

I was truly hoping Dr. Young would attend. He just might learn something and by not attending he shows he is closed minded and does not set a good example for the students of Texas A&M.

Obviously Dr. Young didn’t get the message concerning the Trump election. White America made a statement!

The alt-right, which Hillary Clinton called deplorables, is nothing more than millions of white Americans who have been forced to cower and kiss the ring of political correctness for years finally declaring that enough is enough and that they are not going to take this anymore. It means we are done putting up with BLM, we are done having our communities ravaged by uncontrolled (and often illegal) immigration, we are sick of snowflakes telling us to check our privilege, we are sick of being passed over for jobs and in education in the name of “diversity”, we reject multiculturalism, and we are really sick of seeing the next generation of college kids being indoctrinated in the ways of anti-white Stalinism with our tax money or through loans guaranteed by our tax money. I would say that, most of all, this is about taking back the language. It is about saying that just because some kook liberals calls something “racist” – that doesn’t make it true!

The rise of the Alt Right is a reaction to the displacement of white Americans via mass immigration. Mass immigration of non whites into America.

I am often bedazzled how the world goes bonkers about the polar bear may potentially go extinct, but when it comes to the displacement of white people and the dwindling numbers of white people, nobody cares. Obviously Dr. Young doesn’t.

It also appears that Dr. Young does not care about education or current events, current events, mass immigration and race relations, that will drastically effect every American, regardless of their skin color.

Furthermore Dr. Young does not care about the concerns of white Americans. The Richard Spencer event was to be a dialogue of some of the most pressing events of the day. In not attending the Richard Spencer event and even encouraging the A&M community to not attend by hosting an event counter, Dr. Young makes a statement that spits in the face of white America!