As Corona-chan continues her world tour, more and more nations are drastically reducing their domestic everyday life. Some of them have even resorted to drastic measures.

They’ve actually gone as far as closing down their national borders—something that we in Europe have been told would be at the same time impossible, immoral and ineffective for more than five years now.

Only two days ago, the now-common McSpencer Group with Richard Spencer, Keith Woods, and Ed Dutton streamed an episode about the global coronavirus epidemic.

Just as they were talking, though, President Trump stepped forward to address the nation and talk with a sudden touch of gravitas (and more than just a touch of absurdity) about a coronavirus problem he has personally tried to downplay for weeks now, in some of the worst ways imaginable.

With the foudroyant domestic spread of the global coronavirus pandemic no longer something to smooth over, Trump has now even done the “sovereign” bit and declared a national emergency, thus hoping “to unleash the full power of the federal government” by allocating up to $50 billion in federal resources. Well, we will see where that leads, since the “emergency” money heralded by the Federal Reserve is already going to peter out in the insatiable maw of Wall Street and globalized economy. See Richard’s already much-noticed impromptu post-address live stream below:

Don’t be afraid of sharing, since Corona-chan is not the only viral thing around. Follow the official NPI / RADIX YouTube channel here; find the BitChute backup channel here. If so inclined, have a look at the “Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases” tracker run by Johns Hopkins University here. Keep yourselves clean—and don’t panic!