Now that even our YouTube live streams get shadowbanned like any truly controversial Twitter account, you will want to make sure to use that (not-so-sweet) quarantine leisure to keep up with the latest RADIX discussions!

Trump has proved to be a turncoat for most of his presidency now, and only the worst masochists all over the West still hope for him to be reelected in November. Far from any coping, Richard Spencer did a spontaneous (and somewhat haphazard) live stream eleven days ago, talking Trump’s potentially fatal failure handling the Coronavirus pandemic appropriately and in time.

But wait, there’s more: somewhere between the Scylla of stand-up comedy interludes and the political apparatus and public relations insights’ Charybdis, Richards steers the NPI / RADIX YouTube blockade runner towards more than an hour of meaningful monologue. Some may not like it, but there’s still a lot to learn about the perennial self-deceit of meek conservatives in the West. Check it out!

On last Sunday, however, Richard reassembled the usual McSpencer Group for a deep dive into the currently rather bat-infested waters between the City on the Hill that the U.S. aspires to be and the Dragon of the Far East—the Big Bad Other not only to the West as an abstract idea and/or an economical threat, but especially as a point-blank challenge to the neo-liberal, globalist way of life as a whole. A “chimerical” state of affairs indeed!

Tune in to find out how the present both geopolitical and biopolitical situation relates to Avengers: Infinity War (let alone Cats & Dogs), why the “liberal” Scottish parliament is now resorting to pure NIMBY behavior, the superiority of decency to dubious “human rights” (and of Burzum to Blink-182 …), as well as how Chinese Communists are now the torchbearers of empirical knowledge. You won’t regret it! (And make sure to also check out the Alex Kurtagic classic “White Noise” here.)

On Tuesday, finally, Richard took to the monologue stream again to clarify some of the current administration’s issues with the Coronavirus situation in relation to the probable economic repercussions. Also, Boomertech problems and some basic math!

Fear not, though: there always is some remnant, and something new will emerge from any debris. That’s palingenesis, baby! And since we’re obviously not referencing Pat Buchanan’s eponymous tome here, we will leave you with the much better take …


… but with this as well. Keep your eyes open for new YouTube videos and streams, don’t be afraid to share the news, and remember to stay healthy!