EBL and Radix join forces to pile the pressure on culture distorters. Tune in!

The Euro Bureau of Literaturo is a weekly philosophy show created by Tyler Hamilton, Fashy Žižek and Joel Davis. Starting as an offline book club for nostalgic academics, inquisitive theorists and curious seekers of knowledge, EBL morphed into an online series gaining a dedicated cult following in its own right. Through introductions to some of the most complex ideas in the history of Philosophy to productive discussion of how to take them into an uncertain future while navigating the present global crisis, the appeal of EBL has traversed ideological borders beyond adherents of the Dissident Right.

With the opening up of honest dialogue, EBL has drawn new voices for the crucial work of creating what can become a true Third Position, to locate the coordinates of potential ruptures and eventual sites in which to challenge the exhausted thought of global Liberalism, its antagonisms, and its increasing reliance on suppression and domination to maintain its failing legitimacy. With the move to join the Radix team, the crew comprising EBL is looking forward to an even stronger partnership with other critical voices to provide the ship needed to weather the global storm.

Join EBL tonight as they assemble together with recurring guest Richard Spencer to discuss one of the most fateful diagnoses of modern philosophy: the analysis of European cultural decline under the influence of mass media, brought forth by the Frankfurt School’s very own Max Horkheimer and Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno. When you talk about Cultural Marxism, this is what you need to know!