In order to become free, we must free ourselves from the nightmare of modernity. We must free ourselves from the myths which are utilized in order to make Europeans feel guilty about a past that they should feel proud of, we should feel proud of both the good and the bad just as other races feel pride for their entire history.


We will here be arguing something that will indeed be quite unpopular for many: Maximum individual freedom requires freedom from political responsibilities. People on the Right will find this paradoxical maxim unpopular because they fear Leftists suppressing their own freedoms and imposing upon them all manner of deviances (we obviously do not hold that this maxim would be true under a Left-wing government). Whereas people on the Left fear a ‘Fascist’ dictatorship creeping into power.

Accusations of ‘totalitarianism’ may be directed at the author, may we quickly dismiss this disingenuous assessment as absurd, Archeofuturism opposes totalitarianism. We wish to escape this soft-form of totalitarianism we are already in. We want people to have individual freedom, something we do not have at the moment. Everywhere rootless technology is pervading its way into every nook and cranny of our lives, we hardly have a moment to breathe and think for ourselves due to the constant, unending invasion of the external world into our internal consciousness. Anxiety is a Western epidemic because of the spectacle in our living room, on our desk, and in the palm of our hand bombarding us with microwaves and ‘microaggressions’. 

We want to free modern man from his inauthentic-Self. Instead of selecting a set of corporate-approved identities. we want to free you from the shackles of cosmopolitanism and reintroduce you to the authentic European spirit. What this requires, however, is a union of opposites: A state that is the hidden ‘big Other’ (a political apparatus that is rarely ever seen or heard). With a state that is built entirely upon merit and is bound by oaths that, if broken, bring the death penalty. Treason will not be tolerated in an Archeofuturist society.

Europe can move forward (not ‘progress’) in unity. With a militarized border and government bound by a set of laws that ensure they carry out their role to protect the European people, their culture, and heritage we are freed through our freedom from politics. Simple lives can be led, prosperity and technological development are rooted again in a common ontological understanding of the meaning of Being found in Greek tragedy, amor fati, work, and destiny. Reconnection with our traditional roots in turn roots social and technological development in a positive, organic foundation. We will once again see the world through European eyes instead of the blindfold of rootless cosmopolitanism that leaves us blinded, nihilistic, and anxious. True inner freedom comes with the removal of this black piece of material wrapped tightly around our skull


§1 – Atomised Individuals

It is the atomization of society that makes any form of freedom impossible. When the underlying unity of a people is ripped out from underneath them, we enter a state of chaos. Even without ‘multiculturalism’ (multiracialism) thrown into the mix, it is impossible for a people to cohabit without an organic sense of togetherness. When you shatter society apart ‘minority interest’ groups will form, people will collectivize on inauthentic forms of identity (particularly forms generated by the market, ‘trends,’ wholly materialistic creations like the eras of ‘goth’ and ‘emo’).

These created trends pale in comparison to the Real of our current crisis, however. What we have been witnessing the growth of in Western nations has been the growing conflict between ideological and racial identities. Within nations, there are conflicts on these two grounds and never-ending tensions between nations themselves.


§2 – Boiled Down

All of this can be boiled down to two serious problems: Our political systems and European Nihilism.

In representative democracies, we put people in power not based on merit, strength, honor, or leadership capabilities. We do not elect people who care about the European race, heritage, or history. Nor do any of our elected representatives enact policies that are supported by the people. Take a look at opinion poll results and compare them with political policies that are actually put in place. Do Americans really want to send their money to Israel? (If a poll was actually conducted on this question, I highly doubt it would be favorable) Do the British people want mass migration? No!1 Do Australians really want China to own an enormous amount of their nation? No!2

In a democracy the legitimacy of a policy comes from the masses, thus any overwhelmingly unfavorable policy is illegitimate unless our politicians first communicate to us in a clear, honest manner that everyday people can understand instead of disguising the truth behind a veil of lies then that policy is null and void. The problem is, however, that everyday folk do not fully grasp this fact, they do not understand that they are well within their rights to say “NO! I do not want my taxes spent on researching sex-change operations, I do not want a male pedophile in a dress reading degenerate stories to my son, I do not want migrants flooding into my nation and treating it like a gold mine, digging up all the resources and sending it back to their shithole nations!”

The problem here is that the non-European races know that this is how a democracy works, they know how to play the system. They demand what they want, and they get it. European man sits back and tries to pretend that nothing can be done, just switch on the television and swallow the propaganda, take the pills like a good little lab-rat. European man doesn’t want to get involved in politics, he wants a simple life and so he stays out of it and lets the minorities walk over him. 

We don’t want to get involved in politics, unfortunately, the very system that is seeking to erase us requires participation, aggression, competition. We must be aggressive and take back what is ours and force those who are unwanted OUT. Then we must create a system of governance that prevents all of this from occurring again so we can enjoy our peace and serenity, we must bind our neo-aristocracy to laws which will sentence to death those who betray their people. The most binding punishment is erasure, the new system of governance must see the European race as sacred and their duty will be to protect them from external and internal forces, from cultural parasitism.


§3 – Politics of ‘Fear’ and ‘Resentment’

“Oh, you Right-wingers are fuelled by nothing but hatred! Your politics is the politics of fear and resentment!”

Of course! All politics is fear and resentment. Fear of the opposite! The Leftists fear the Right and their views on society, they resent Europe! They resent anti-nihilism, beauty, symmetry, art, love, and tragedy! They are spiteful mutants, a parasite dwells in their mind, eating away at their psyche.

Politics is an aversion to difference; political groups are united by a hatred of that which is not them.

A group of people who are in agreement with each other is an organism – that which is alien to that organism is an enemy (this is the essence of the friend-enemy distinction).


§4 – Can’t We All Get Along?

It is pretty clear that a large collection of radically different people cannot get along. Even the Left who claim that it is possible to live peacefully and cohesively in a big ‘melting pot’ society have irreconcilable differences that are the source of aggressive infighting.

In the future ideological differences will mean nothing, however. The non-Europeans within our nations have never – and will never – discard their racial identity. Indeed, the Left has never asked them to abandon it, they encourage them to utilize their racial differences to their advantage, they encourage them to advocate on racial grounds. Historically it has been people of the ‘Right’ who have naively argued that they ‘don’t see racial differences.’

In the future if we continue down this path of division the conflicts, we have experienced in the past will be dwarfed, they will look like scuffles. Racial consciousness is infinitely more powerful than political ideologies. Division lines will be drawn based on race, those who cling to an ideology will be the pawns on the chessboard.


§5 – Race & Legitimacy

Western ‘liberal democracies’ have discarded any European racial component while importing people who remain deeply rooted in their most archaic component: Race. They fully embrace the material and metaphysical aspects of their race, as they should. The Left will never convince them to abandon what and who they are, and they are stronger for it.

With our existing political systems, we are told we cannot advocate based on our own race while other groups do, unless the normal everyday man embraces himself as a European and reconnects with his archaic (archaic in the sense of its meaning foundation) nature we are hopeless. While we are still the majority group in our nations, we must advocate as Europeans for European interests, people must abandon their ‘liberal’, ‘libertarian’ anti-racial thought or we will become the oppressed. It is our job as people who understand this to argue these points. Any policy that is not in the majority interest is not a legitimate policy for it does not derive legitimacy from the majority, the demos – the Europeans. We have the power to make a change so long as we are the majority of a nation. The first change we must make is the abandonment of democracy and the installation of a government that is charged to enact policies that are of European interest, for example, an investigation into academia where all this chaos is stemming from in the first place.


§6 – Errors 

The role of the state is to protect us from this very mess that they have created; the role of government is to govern so we don’t have to; the role of representative government is for that representative to represent the electorate. People like the idea of our systems because it takes away responsibility from us, so we do not have to worry about things. This is what makes European nations so exploitable, we do not want to worry about things, so we let these governments take charge. When other groups with other ideas obtain power within or outside of the government then we have to concern ourselves with politics, we have to sit back thinking we are powerless to intervene.

Even the Ancient Greeks saw that democracy is not an ideal system of governance, especially when population sizes increase. We didn’t just fall into monarchies and aristocracy for no reason at all, we wanted people of power and spirit to govern for us. These systems were themselves full of flaws, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t positive elements within other systems that we cannot learn from. Indeed, the entire point of studying the history of political systems and political philosophy is to learn from their errors. The last few hundred years alone provides us with a wealth of mistakes that we can learn from.


§7 – Freedom & Pride

In order to become free, we must free ourselves from the nightmare of modernity. We must free ourselves from the myths which are utilized in order to make Europeans feel guilty about a past that they should feel proud of, we should feel proud of both the good and the bad just as other races feel pride for their entire history. Many of the people within our nations who hate what we are, who hate our history, would not be alive if it wasn’t for us. Particularly those who have come into our countries seeking ‘asylum,’ who are living on the taxes of the working-class, in homes that should be given to the homeless – especially homeless veterans who have had their lives destroyed fighting in the Middle East at the behest of non-Europeans

We Europeans are not done yet, we will not go down without a fight. There is an eternal spirit not confined to the trappings of the material world, it lies dormant in those of a nihilistic disposition, yet the spark is never extinguished. It is connected to the ‘reptilian brain’, the survival instinct. White flight by champagne socialists is the maternal survival instinct, the desire to flee to safety. The opposition to the colonization of Europe, the drive to fight for a place were European people can exist peacefully, represents the paternal extinct to protect what is ours…


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