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Resistance from Baltimore

What is the purpose of this deception? Nothing but the dispossession of the White race. 

This is an edited version of a speech delivered to a small group of peers by a resisting, 17-year-old high school student in the Baltimore City Public School System.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the esteemed and convicted heroin dealer Mr. Freddie Gray, and his recent mortality. I’m sure you’ve all heard the Marxist narrative of a vast conspiratorial epidemic of state violence against “unarmed” black men. There is an epidemic of violence against Black men, not from the state, but from other Black men. It is likely that no more than a few readers of the Baltimore crime wire would have known of Mr. Gray’s death, if he was killed by fellow heroin dealers; a far more common occurrence than the supposed epidemic of police brutality. In fact, when police brutality occurs it is more likely to occur to Whites. At least 2,151 Whites were killed by police, as compared to 1,130 Blacks, in the last decade. You are likely never to hear any of their names in the mainstream media or elsewhere.

What is the purpose of this deception? Nothing but the dispossession of the White race.

You will hear this everywhere the Marxist discourse dominates: “they” are responsible for the urban decay in Black neighborhoods, that “they” are responsible for the epidemic of Black-on-Black violence, that “they” are responsible for the invisible but apparently all-encompassing “racism” that somehow prevents the success of Black communities. No matter what we do, Whites are marked with the original sin of succeeding where others have failed—and merely existing.

What is Baltimore, or any other depressed urban zone? Formerly White majority towns, formerly prosperous. The devastated neighborhoods you see today were built, maintained, loved by Whites. Many were immigrants from central, eastern, and southern Europe escaping squalid conditions in their own nations. Whites built something great but abandoned it sensibly after the mass violence that was the 1968 riots. These beautiful neighborhoods were handed over completely to Blacks, who proceeded to neglect them. This is no fault but their own, yet they blame it on the “Man”, on “them”, on “whitey.” They demand more government assistance programs and more affirmative action for their own failure. They want South Africa 2.0. All they desire is the seizure of what we have created to spread it among themselves. They have not produced anything of value in return. They have nothing to exchange with us in equal trade. This is the definition of parasitism and it must be called out for what it is. It is Racial Marxism, pure and simple.

What must we do? We must RESIST. Resist the cynical dialogues. Resist the ethno-masochism and self-flagellation of your fellow Whites. Resist the spreaders of lies and disinformation. Resist those who would make you hate yourself and your people. We’re a great culture in a malaise, but I believe we can recover—provided we RESIST!

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