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Author: Derek Patrick

Hillary and the Saudi Genie

As Congress was debating the TARP bailout in 2008, a colleague of mine taped a sign above his desk which defined *moral hazard*: “The lack of incentive to guard against risk where one is protected from its consequences.” Indeed, the Wikipedia page on “moral hazard” could simply redirect to “Bill and Hillary Clinton.” Except they have probably bought or threatened all the editors.

As Congress was debating the TARP bailout in 2008, a colleague of mine taped a sign above his desk which defined moral hazard: “The lack of incentive to guard against risk where one is protected from its consequences.” Indeed, the Wikipedia page on “moral hazard” could simply redirect to “Bill and Hillary Clinton.” Except they have probably bought or threatened all the editors.

The Clintons have spent 30 years perfecting bribery and intimidation into a transcendent art that is invisible yet universally acknowledged. It’s not just that they are insulated from the results of their malfeasance; the Clintons now own a controlling interest in every moral and legal enforcement mechanism in American society– Big Media, social media, the courts, and perhaps the FBI. Media priorities being in the state they are, Trump’s Gorilla Mindset is well known, especially when it comes to women. Conservatives retort “Bill is worse!” They’re right, but as usual, they have no idea why.

Few appreciate the degree to which Bill and Hillary Clinton are owned by foreign powers. They are the synthesis of “too big to fail” and universal suffrage democracy.

The Podesta emails showed that on official State Department visits, Huma Abedin granted foreign businessmen access to Clinton based on their Clinton Global Initiative donor status. Although it would take volumes to document the known instances of Clinton corruption, perhaps the most alarming is their relationship with the Saudi government, which apparently aided the September 11 plot.

As far back as 2009, Hillary Clinton complained that the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar were not preventing money from flowing to Muslim terrorist groups:

In a December 2009 State Department cable published by Wikileaks, Clinton complained of “an ongoing challenge to persuade Saudi officials to treat terrorist financing emanating from Saudi Arabia as a strategic priority.” She declared that “Qatar’s overall level of CT cooperation with the U.S. is considered the worst in the region.” She said the Kuwaiti government was “less inclined to take action against Kuwait-based financiers and facilitators plotting attacks.” She noted that “UAE-based donors have provided financial support to a variety of terrorist groups.”

Nevertheless, all of these countries donated to the Clinton Foundation and received increased weapons export authorizations from the Clinton’s State Department. This included helicopters and fighter jets.

Under Clinton’s leadership, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation, according to an IBTimes analysis of State Department and foundation data. That figure — derived from the three full fiscal years of Clinton’s term as Secretary of State (from October 2010 to September 2012) — represented nearly double the value of American arms sales made to the those countries and approved by the State Department during the same period of President George W. Bush’s second term.

The Clinton-led State Department also authorized $151 billion of separate Pentagon-brokered deals for 16 of the countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation, resulting in a 143 percent increase in completed sales to those nations over the same time frame during the Bush administration. These extra sales were part of a broad increase in American military exports that accompanied Obama’s arrival in the White House. The 143 percent increase in U.S. arms sales to Clinton Foundation donors compares to an 80 percent increase in such sales to all countries over the same time period.

In 2012, Qatari officials requested a five-minute meeting with Bill Clinton, so that they could present a one million dollar birthday check to the Foundation.

Two years later, Hillary Clinton admitted in an email to John Podesta that these same governments are covertly funding ISIS. “While this military/para-military operation is moving forward, we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region,” she wrote.

But none of this prevented Hillary from taking their money. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman recently boasted that his government had contributed a fifth of the campaign’s money, an apparent violation of federal election law which has not been prosecuted.

Is anyone shocked that her insane pro-Sunni policy goals for Syria align with those of her Saudi / Sunni billionaire backers?

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Waco: Anatomy of a Shakedown

Throughout the West, the “escape zones” from racial diversity are dwindling in number. Those that retain their original European character face many foes. Unfortunately, most of those foes aren’t as transparent in their bloodsucking as the Rougely family and their self-appointed Black Power spokesmen.

Throughout the West, the “escape zones” from racial diversity are dwindling in number. Those that retain their original European character face many foes. Unfortunately, most of those foes aren’t as transparent in their bloodsucking as the Rougely family and their self-appointed Black Power spokesmen.

Live Oak Classical School is a fine private school in Waco, Texas. It calls itself Christian, but like most “Christian” institutions, it more closely follows the Church of Be Nice and Don’t Judge, in which Jesus is demoted from Divine Judge to mascot. Academically rigorous yet holistic, Live Oak has become a refuge for upper-middle-class Whites who are fleeing Waco Independent School District, which is only 10.5% White.

The girl's injuries which according to the school were caused by an accident on a rope swing.

The girl’s injuries which according to the school were caused by an accident on a rope swing.

Just as Waco, Texas was blowing up yet again over a mostly Black-perpetrated sexual assault scandal at Baylor, a 12-year-old black student at Live Oak suffered a rope burn on her neck during a field trip seemingly from an accident. She was treated by staff and her mother, Sandy Rougely, was notified a couple days later. The student completed the field trip without further incident.

Although the incident occurred back in April, the rent-seeking didn’t begin in earnest until mid-May, just as the local paper was re-printing 100-year old lynching photos of convicted interracial murderer Jesse Washington. As with the police-involved shooting at the Waco Twin Peaks in 2015, the lying press is again sending the local Churchian imagination in the wrong direction.

The Rougely family retained Dallas lawyer Levi McCathern, who threatened to publicly accuse Live Oak students of perpetrating a racist attack if the school did not fork over $2.7 million. The Rougely’s brazenly admit basing this figure off of a calculation of “gibs”: living expenses [read: mom’s rent, utilities, cable, wifi and cell phone] plus private school through 12th grade, college, and law or medical school. This, in addition to the low-interest loan and scholarship that had allowed the 12-year-old to attend the school in the first place.

Angry Black Women

Stepping up the pressure, someone notified the Dallas-based “Black Women’s Defense League,” which markets itself like a militia from a black sexploitation film:

Black Women’s Defense League is a coalition of women of color from all walks of life on the path to total liberation.
BWDL focus’ on self fense through martial arts and other hand to hand combat techniques armed training with various types of artillery including knife fighting ,marksmanship,and weapons of opportunity. BWDL also engages in emergency preparedness , urban suvival training , and battered women’s rescue.
…Black Women’s Defense League through physical & educational training will prepare current and future generations to combat and destroy all forms of oppression imposed on the people by fascist, imperialist and capitalist regimes [sic].

BWDL performs vital public services to the black community, such as holding charity raffles for items essential to urban vibrancy:

BWDL appears to be led by Niecee Cornute, a.k.a. “Niecee X,” though she plans to change her name to “Nairobi X Asantewaa.”

BWDL literature called for “direct action” to respond to an “attempted lynching.” Curnute also posted a video of a vehicle driving menacingly in front of the school.

Faced with the prospect of armed black men and women demonstrating in front of their school, Live Oak decided to cancel the last day of class, dashing the children’s hopes for end-of-school parties.

Unsatisfied, the raging mob marched to the home of Alison Buras, the school’s dean, whom they blame for the student’s injury. There, they broke into frenzied, threatening harrangues against against Live Oak, Dean Buras, and the church affiliated with the school. There they used a bullhorn to demand criminal charges, termination the entire edministration and faculty responsible, and other outrageous things. They threatened to “shut [the school] down” if their demands were not met.

In a moment of unintentional self-parody, one protestor thought he’d found tiles arranged into a swastika (video here) in Buras’ driveway because, in his mind, little old white schoolteachers in Texas are a core constituency of Nazism.

Without even having a single witness corroborating the “attempted lynching” narrative, others stated on Facebook that Blacks should retaliate by killing Whites.

Now, Nelson Hackworth (a.k.a. “Nelson X-Unknown” and “Nelson IamVision Negus”), founder of the 007 villain-inspired P.O.W.E.R (People Openly Working for Equality and Reform) is trying to use the incident to have the school’s accredidation revoked. He believes he saw that driveway swastika, too.

Hackworth blatantly admits to exploiting the incident for his own ends, telling the Waco Tribune-Herald, “The incident at Live Oak was definitely the spark, I have had a vision for a while now that we need to be in a better position.” In other words, Hackworth had a plan to get the gibs from whitey all along. Having found a target, he held a very serious, unironic public meeting a mere stone’s throw from the White-built, Black-occupied East Waco housing projects.

The Eternal Pursuit

Live Oak’s largely female administration probably felt that offering scholarships to minority children would make the school seem virtuous and tolerant. Better to give them something up front to avert a crisis later, they reason. Yet no concession is ever enough for the contemporary black activist. When the opportunity appears, facts be damned: the routine is to spew innuendo, accusations, suspicion, paranoia, and outright lies until the opposition is simply too exhausted to continue. Once the allies seeking their cut of the loot have all been fought off, find a new target and repeat.

Black “separatists” love to LARP about strength, independence, and Africa. Yet after 60 years they are still shaking down the White man for another meal. Hopefully, the leadership of Live Oak will learn the lesson that the Alternative Right has been trying to teach them all along: that we are targeted as White people, not for what we do or don’t do, but for being White. You can move one more exit down the highway. You can pay for a better school, or go to work for a more homogenous company. But they will follow you because, despite their rhetoric, they know they cannot survive without you. Eventually, they will come, demanding more and more until they have turned your life into everything you were fleeing.

Face the truth. Stop apologizing, stop negotiating, stop running, and start fighting back.

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EU Delenda Est

Richard Spencer made some excellent points in his recent blog on how “Euroscepticism” is, in his mind, a flawed, politically correct stand-in for more fundamental and effective identitarian action, like…

Richard Spencer made some excellent points in his recent blog on how “Euroscepticism” is, in his mind, a flawed, politically correct stand-in for more fundamental and effective identitarian action, like demanding an immediate halt to immigration and an active defense of Europe’s borders that prevents invaders from setting foot on European soil in the first place.

One cannot dispute that the national governments of Western Europe have implemented catastrophic immigration policies that are transforming Europe into Beirut circa 1985. In simpler times, White men across the Old Continent would have stormed their respective capitols by now and given the occupants a Freikorps swim lesson.

Yet the question of the European Union must be viewed from our current strategic standpoint. Spencer believes that the European Union could theoretically be commandeered and used for our purposes, though he has no illusions about the long odds of success. Unfortunately, the EU was carefully structured to prevent this. Centralized power in our current situation only gives our opponents more of an opportunity to crush dissent. The EU’s continued existence is so poisonous to Europe that it must be marginalized and humiliated at every possible opportunity, until we have the resources to destroy and replace it.

1. The EU Makes the Immigration Crisis Worse

Spencer correctly notes that the national governments of Europe caused the current immigration crisis. But when it comes to ritualizing the death of the world’s greatest civilization, the national governments are just the altar boys. The EU is the archdiocese.

EU bureaucrats are now openly bullying member states that refuse to accept Muslim migrants. As of this writing, the European Commission is threatening to fine each member state $290,000 for each refusal.

Given recent national pushback from countries such as Hungary, Poland, and Austria, the threats are obviously aimed at them— the very countries who have resisted the most and who have the best long-term prospects for surviving the current invasion.

Even worse, the EU will soon admit Europe’s deadliest ancestral foe into its membership—Turkey. Once that happens, 79 million Turks will be able to move throughout the Continent, which is currently home to about 508 million people. In other words, a full 13 percent of EU citizens will soon hail from a nation
that is not only regressing towards an Islamic dictatorship, but is aggressively sponsoring the al-Nusra jihadist militia in Syria and Iraq. If there are any doubts about the political leverage enjoyed by the current Turkish Islamic regime, consider that President Erdogan has already pressured German Chancellor Angela Merkel into prosecuting Germans who criticize him from their own homes.

Although some European leaders make a public show of opposing
Turkish ascension, the European Commission formally proposed this month that Turks be given visa free travel throughout Europe immediately, even before the details of Turkey’s membership are finalized. Given the bloodshed in the Middle East and increasing Muslim rape and terrorism in Europe, is there any reason to think that a sudden, massive Turkish/Islamic appearance upon European soil in 2016 will be any more positive than it was in 1683? Would not this nightmare scenario be prevented by a decisive exit of EU member states?

Our ancestors bled and died to keep our homeland free from the Ottoman Muslims. Today, Islam need not resort to scimitars and horsebows to enslave a continent—thanks to the EU, they only need to show up and have lots of sex. The EU lectures us on sex equality while
Muslim hordes gang rape and murder the defenseless, just as they did after sacking Constantinople in 1453. How
can any son of Europe countenance an institution that would facilitate a repeat of this abomination?

2. The EU Attracts and Personifies the Hostile Elite

Earlier this week, Spencer found himself in a Twitter conversation about the role of women in defeating nationalist FPÖ candidate Norbert Hofer in the race for the Austrian Presidency. Spencer remarked, “Women aren’t inherently Left voters. They back the party declared ‘moral’ by the high priests of the current year.”

An astute observation, to be sure.

And in Europe, does any institution more closely resemble the Church of White Genocide than the EU? The moral signals to European voters are clear. In 2004, conservative Catholic Rocco Buttiglione was nominated to serve as Italy’s member of the European Commission. During his hearing before the EU Commission on Civil Liberties, he expressed his opinion that homosexuality is sinful and that families exist for the purpose of motherly procreation and fatherly protection—views that were, until recently, commonplace but now apparently dwell outside the boundaries of respectable opinion. Buttiglione stressed that these were merely his personal opinions as a Roman Catholic and that they would not interfere with his duties as a Commissioner. Nevertheless, EU bureaucrats declared Buttiglione anathema and forced Italy to withdraw his nomination.

Before 2009, the tradition of the European Parliament was to allow the oldest member to preside over the chamber during the election of a President. However, this was changed solely to prevent pioneering French nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen from holding this position of honor.

This is but a small sample of the ways in which Brussels has made itself the Vatican of White Genocide. After Hofer’s razor-thin loss in Austria, EU President Jean-Claude Juncker blatantly threatened to isolate and sanction any nationalist or populist European governments that come to power. Nations who do not bend the knee can be stripped of funding or voting rights.

Juncker’s rhetoric shows that the EU has become more authoritarian and more left-wing over time. In 1999, several EU member states reacted to the parliamentary success of the FPÖ by imposing short-lived diplomatic sanctions. This was done because, at the time, such action could not be taken by the European Commission officially absent a “serious and persistent breach” of EU principles. Apparently, Juncker believes that he now has the authority to impose more severe punishments with
the full force of the European Commission, who has the ultimate responsibility for determining whether such a breach exists.

In light of our limited resources, our ideology should be entirely situational: a question of whether a course of action is actually good for us or not. A more-powerful EU would not only be bad for our interests in the short-term, but it would remain a permanent structure controlled by hostile elites that would stunt and retard our long-term interests. #Brexit gives us the opportunity to demoralize and weaken an enemy.

We should take it.

3. Exiting the EU Would Inspire and Energize the Identitarian Right

Human beings are drawn to action by appeals to their animal spirits.

In politics, the most efficient way to do this is not to create a bogus external enemy but to find a legitimate existing foe and direct the collective anger of the body politic thereupon until it is destroyed.

In the United States, no event focused White dispossession and resentment more than the reign of President Barrack Hussein Obama. Obama came to symbolize the post-American nation, a once-glorious empire that had been usurped by a globalist, deracinated political and economic elite. Yet the astute observer can see that the American Alternative Right owes much of its energy to Obama and his thinly veiled hatred for our European blood and culture. How many cisgendered Twitter shitlords and TRS Radio hosts got “red pilled” during the Obama-sanctioned bBack riots over Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Trayvon Martin?

One may argue that Obama’s example indicates why we need the EU to remain, so that it can continue to symbolize the enemy. But this would be to pretend that the Donald Trump phenomenon never happened. Disgust with Obama has rightly fueled popular support for the Trump campaign. Today, the American Alt Right is invigorated and enjoying a level of success that it has never seen before. White Americans are mad as hell, and after years of sulking in the dark while their country is being ruled by an incompetent foreigner, they sense a chance to win a government that will work for their interests. So goes Europe: If White resentment can embarrass, discredit or even destroy the
hated European Union, the political momentum would shift to the Right, and the Chief Priests of slave morality would see their highest pulpit smashed into splinters.

Brussels today, Parliament and Reichstag tomorrow.

Derek is an identitarian influence agent.

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