Something Is Happening

2015 was NPI’s and Radix’s greatest year so far. Our projects set the standard for quality and significance. And this year, we had more mainstream public exposure than ever before. Everything was capped off by our 2015 conference.

Something is happening. It’s much bigger than Radix and NPI. But we’re right at the center of it.

To get to the next level in 2016—to build the institution that our cause deserves—we need your help.

We can only grow with your support. So if you care about what we’re doing, please give generously.

As a not-for-profit organization (501c3) in the United States, all donations to NPI are tax deductible.



Getting Started

If you’re a young person, or contributing for the first time, a good place to start is with a small, monthly donation. We have automoatic plans—which can be paused or cancelled at any time—and none of them will put a dint in your finances.

$3 / The Cappuccino

Only $3 per month / $36 per year

$8 / The Merlot

Only $8 per month / $96 per year

$22 / The Bourbon

Only $22 per month / $264 per year




Making an Impact

Small donations are wonderful. But it’s the big ones that have the most impact.

NPI does a tremendous amount with very little. We punch far above our weight class. Imagine what we could accomplish with the kind of funding enjoyed by the big institutions.

$500 / The Contributor

Pay for the hosting of all our websites and podcasts for one year.

$1,000 / The Donor

Fund 10 original essays at or our 2016 essay contest for young writers.

$2,500 / The Patron

Fund the production of an original new book, like The Great Purge, Martin Heidegger, The Long Crusade, and more.

$5,000 / The Benefactor

We’re making videos in 2016! New equipment could make a huge difference: a better camera, green-screen setup, and microphone.

$10,000 / The Big Kahuna

Bankroll our autumn conference in Washington, DC, and help us make it amazing!




We do this because we’re passionate. We do this because we’re dreamers . . . and we dream with open eyes.

Yours truly,


Richard Spencer
President and Editor
The National Policy Institute
Radix Journal


P.S. If you would like to send a check, please make it out to The National Policy Institute and send it to

The National Policy Institute
PO Box 100563
Arlington VA 22210

P.P.S. Some have expressed concerns about anonymity in giving and community membership. Annual contributions below $5,000 are not reported to the IRS at all and remain confidential. For annual contributions above $5k, we have several options to secure privacy; I can share with you in a phone call. Contact me.