Christmas & New Year’s Fundraising


It’s a cliché but it’s true: The Christmas and Yuletide season is my favorite time of year. It’s a time to return to tradition and ritual . . . to reflect on the past and the future . . . and to feel like a kid again.

As you probably know, for organizations like ours, this is the high season of fundraising. But don’t worry, I won’t subject you to a Dickensian tale of woe. For the fact is, we should feel confident about NPI’s future.

Still, fundraising is critically important and we take it seriously. Simply put, we can’t complete our ongoing projects—and start exciting new ones—without the support we get during Yuletide.

Our Giving Campaign

Here are the basics. Our campaign begins now and lasts until Twelfth Night, January 5, 2015.

We’ve set for ourselves a goal that’s ambitious but achievable—$20,000 or €16,000.

That’s not an arbitrary number. One of our major donors has promised to match that amount, if we can reach it. So every time you give one dollar, you’re really giving two; 50 means 100; 500 means 1,000, etc.

We’re going to get to $20,000. And we’ve developed an interactive, easy-to-use donation page that will help us keep track of our progress.

Announcements for 2015

This year, our fundraising season will be punctuated by five major announcements, which we will spread across the month-long campaign. These will give you a sense of what we’ve accomplished in 2014; what we’re working on now; and what you can expect in the coming year, and beyond.

The first announcement will about NPI’s conferences for 2015. Yes, that’s plural conferences.

The second will be about three Radix Journal volumes, which will be shipping in the first three weeks of January. They’re very late, we know. Indeed, some might have expected the Second Coming to occur before the second issue of Radix. But each one is worth the wait. And with these three published in succession, we’re getting on track for a consistent two-issue-per-year schedule.

The third announcement is about how we will celebrate the life and work of Samuel T. Francis. Sam was a co-founder of NPI and he remains an essential author for everyone in our movement. 2015 is the 10th anniversary of his death, and in this year, we will release an original and hitherto unknown book by Sam. It’s going to be quite an event.

The fourth announcement will be two important new books, produced by Washington Summit Publishers. Both are on human biodiversity and its impact on society.

Finally, we will announce two additional volumes on philosophy, history, and culture, which will appear in 2015 under our Radix imprint.

We are launching a lot of awesome projects. And your gifts help make them a reality.

Giving Levels


$25 / €20


$50 / €40


$200 / €160


$1,000 / €800

Read more about giving levels and benefits here.

Benefits of Giving

And we want giving to be fun and meaningful for everyone who participates. To that end, we’ve established four levels, each of which offers great benefits.


The first level is Bronze—$25 or €20. With this donation, you’ll get a free book of your choice, which is probably worth that much anyway. So you have nothing to lose.


The next level up is Silver—$50 or €40 Euros. At this level, you’ll get a free book of you choice (just like Bronze), and you’ll also get a coupon code for 20% off anything in the Radix store for the entire year. That includes 20% off registration to any conference we host in 2015. So, if you’re thinking about attending an NPI event and if you like books, this is a no-brainer.


Up from there is Gold—$200 or €160. Here, you’ll get a free book; you’ll get a code for 20% everything for the year, including conferences registration; and you’ll get an autographed hardback copy of your choice of two books: Tito Perdue’s fantastic novel Reuben or Alexander Dugin’s essential Martin Heidegger: The Philosophy of Another Beginning.1

The Summit

There is a level that’s more precious than Gold; we’re calling it The Summit. You can join for a donation of $1,000 or €800.

First off, if you’re in the Summit, you get everything: the autographed book, 20% of conference registration, etc. More important, you get access. Alongside our conferences in 2015, we’re going to host special dinners and gatherings exclusively for Summit members. Here, you’ll get a chance to interact with speakers and organizers in an intimate setting and discuss what we’re doing and where we’re headed. This is a chance to do something—to be a patron and leader.

And if you join The Summit, we’re also going to send you a special, secret gift, which we think you’ll treasure.

These levels are floors, not ceilings. That is, you can donate whatever amount you’re comfortable with. And you can give more than once, say, if you would like autographed copies of both Tito’s Reuben and Dugin’s Heidegger.

We also offer recurring donations. So, if you like, you could break up a larger donation into manageable monthly installments.

Who Are We?

Let’s take a step back. Who are we? What are we doing?

NPI is an institution that is focused on European identity and the future of our people and civilization.

NPI takes a stand for our ideas and ideals. Indeed, we take responsibility for them and act publicly. That means that we’re the ones who often take the brunt of a media or political assault (and this year, we’ve had our share, to say the least…).

NPI is composed of three distinctive parts: NPI proper, Washington Summit Publisher, and Radix.

NPI’s most important function is to host international conferences. Our events are public forums and they mark some of the few times that our movement and our ideas are discussed in major media outlets. More important, our conferences are for us. They are opportunities for fellowship and community building, and we need that.

The second part of NPI is Washington Summit Publishers, which produces original books in the social sciences and the study of human biodiversity—the kinds of volumes that mainstream academia fears.

The third component is Radix and; this is probably how most of us keep up with NPI on a daily basis. Here is where we go to read writings on culture, society, and politics that are radical and audacious.

Dreamers of the Day

Now let’s step back even further. Why do we do what we’re doing?

The answer is to change the world.

I was recently reminded of a famous quote from T.E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Lawrence writes,

All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.

All of us have dreamed at night that “one day” we would have an institution that expresses our highest and truest ideas and values, that defends our people and civilization, not as they are, but as they could and should be.

Let’s become dreamers of the day and actually build one.

  1. If you order soon, we can ship an autographed copy of Tito Perdue’s Reuben to you by Christmas. But we can’t make that promise for Dugin’s Heidegger; we have to ship these books to and from Moscow; I hope we can deliver them by Christmas, but it would be more realistic to expect them in early January.